2005 Burb leaking fluid from front diff vent.

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  1. Imposter71

    Imposter71 New Member

    I have a 2005 Suburban. 180,000 miles. Noticed it has been leaking fluid out of the vent tube for the front diff. Drained and changed the fluid. Refilled according to manual with the correct type. Still did it. Pulled the vent tube off and inspected for cracks. holes,etc. Hose OK. Blew air through it to make sure it wasn't clogged, reinstalled and changed fluid again. Still leaking. Have noticed at fluid changes that there is a uncormfortable looking amt of metal shavings in fluid.

    I don't know that much anyway and I am getting nowhere so it is time to ask for help. I prefer not to go to the dealer until I have asked here first and within reason tried what I can on my own. As always any input / suggestions are greatly appreciated......


  2. bazar01

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    Is the fluid getting hot after driving for a while? Oil expands with temperature rise. A mechanical issue could be generating so much heat making the fluid overflow.
    I would take it to a shop that specializes in transmissions and differentials.
    Good luck!
  3. Imposter71

    Imposter71 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. In the process of trying to check that now. Figured I would try to check and see how hot it gets as I drive it this weekend. I also added a reservoir at the end of the vent to try to isolate it a bit and get a better idea of how much is actually coming out. Hopefully that will help determine if that is the only place it is coming from or if there is something else I am missing.....
  4. Imposter71

    Imposter71 New Member

    So...In order to try to islolate things a little I made a temorary resevoir out of a drink bottle and ran the vent hose into it. Figure this way I will:

    1) get an idea how much it is leaking and

    2) see if it is leaking anywhere else by cathing the fluid from the vent.

    I don't see any other leaks around that area and there isn't fluid all over everything anymore so it appears that is the only place it is coming out. Have a couple ounces collected in the bottle now. Is an uncomfortable silvery color.....

    Also used the 4wd this past wknd. Worked fine but immediately afterward " Service 4WD" came up. The next day I noticed no lights at all on my switch( control Module). That is the first time that has happened (no lights) although last summer the "service 4WD'" did come up.

    Not sure if this is related or if 2 seperate issues........
  5. tbplus10

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    With the maintenance you've already done and the observations you included I'd suspect the diff lube is overheating and expanding.
    Sounds like you may have a bearing or gear issue.
    Probably time to look at the gears and make sure they still have a good wear pattern then look at the bearings for signs of excessive wear.
    I dont think your 4wd system incorporates a temp sensor in the front diff, but the system might be detecting some binding or something of that nature and that could be the cause of the light.

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