2005 Diff Fluid Replacement Question

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    I am a bit new to the GM Trucks, but I am pretty car savvy.

    As I have found, to replace the Diff fluid, on a 1500 2WD model; I have to spin the bolts off the diff cover then drain it. What fluids do you recommend to refill it with? And how much fluid do I fill it with? Any clue what the torque specs are for the diff cover bolts?
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    I use Mobil 1 75/90 synthetics, 2-3 qts. I also after old fluid is out spray the inside of the housing with brake clean to get all the old fluid out. I then spin the rear to check the ring&pinion teeth. If everything looks good put on a new diff.cover gasket and reinstall and fill.

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    Also welcome to the club.

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    x2....On what Silveradotrailblazer has mentioned.

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