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    I currently have a 2005 4x4 GMC Sierra 5.3L, and i'm looking to hear any dos and don'ts and specific programmers. Im mainly going to run in performance mode and would like to achieve the best performance out of my truck. Please help!
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    ****Thread moved here to Programmers and Tuning section****

    There are lots of opinions out there and I'm sure people will start sharing them soon. In the meantime, you may want to read though this section of our Forum, as lots of information and opinions are already mentioned. .....This will at least get you started.

    Good Luck!
  3. 06MonteSS

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    the DiabloSport inTune or Trinity would both work for your truck! Any mods done to it?

    The diablosport tools have the most end-user adjustability of any handheld, have the most complete/full data logging and parameter support of any others, dyno-developed preset tunes... PLUS the ability to have custom tuning done for them/your truck, which the others do not have and you'd be stuck with whatever tunes they gave you on them....


    I sell both the inTune and Trinity programmers, and I also offer a package deal as well that includes my custom tuning at a reduced cost so you'd save some $$. ;)

    You can find info about them, as well as links to my Package Deals, Testimonials, etc. on my site here: http://www.diablewtune.com and http://www.diablewtune.com/package_deals.html

    as for the difference between the two... I actually have both the inTune and Trinity for my car... tune wise, the tunes are the same. and of course, my custom tune would be the same as well... the trinity has a few more features, including a performance monitor for 0-60, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile times, etc... bigger color touch screen... graphic gauges for monitoring data... it has a windshield mount (like a gps), a bigger, color screen, so it's easier to go through while it's mounted... you can watch/view the data without having to hold it, since it's mounted to the windshield... there's also an available gauge pod mount adapter for it, so if you have a gauge pod like on your a-pillar, you could mount it right in there with the pod mount... the inTune does not have a mount, so you have to hold it or put it on the seat next to you...

    A lot of people like the inTune better - because it's smaller (it's the size of a credit card), they don't need or want the extra features, and it's less expensive...and it's a little easier to use than the Trinity when it comes to data logging and importing/export tune files for custom tuning, since you don't have to use any extra software - everything is just copy/paste with the inTune.

    So really, it's up to you which one you'd want... if you don't want/need the extra features/bell-n-whistles, then you can go with the inTune - and it's less expensive...

    here are links to their user manuals so you can check them both out:

    Trinity user manual: http://diablosport.com/manualFiles/Trinity/Trinity_Comp_User_Manual.pdf

    inTune user manual: http://diablosport.com/manualFiles/inTune_Comp_User_Manual.pdf

    With the custom tune, you'll gain even better/quicker throttle response & acceleration, stronger/harder pull, smoother & quicker power delivery throughout the rpms, etc...

    As far as gains go... absolute hp/tq gains are hard to predict... every vehicle is different... even if they're the same and have similar mods... location/weather, fuel used, elevation/altitude, etc etc all play a role... the same holds true for mileage gains - those variables, plus driving habits/style, how much highway vs city driving, etc all make a difference.... you could gain no mpg increase, or you could gain up to about 3 mpg increase... tough to say due to the variables in play... so there is no guarantee of any specific amount of hp/tq or mileage gains...

    with the custom tune, I CAN tell you that you will definitely have a very noticeable performance difference/gain over and above the canned preset diablo tunes...

    I have gained people anywhere from 12-39hp, and 10-23lb. ft. torque...and 0 to 2 mpg - above and beyond what the preset canned tunes give you... again, obviously mods, fuel used, etc all played a role in who gained what...

    Any questions, please feel free to hit me up...

    Thanks for asking man, I appreciate it!

  4. AL3X

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    I had a good experience with 06 I don't know if you remember me, but we had done some custom tunes back in 2010. With the predator and it was awesome. Now that I'm getting a silverado again I plan on getting the trinity. I remember right when I was about to sell my truck the trinity had just hit the market
  5. 06MonteSS

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    cool... sounds good man, thank you! ;)

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