2005 Jimmy shake & vibrate(a truck)

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    GMC Jimmy 2005 2 door SLS 77000 K (app.45000 miles) I have developed a shimy and vibration at 100-110 K(60-65 mph) Has brand new tires and the balancing has been double checked,tires checked for defects-all good. I have noticed that the truck feels like it has hit a wall at this speed,have to push accelerator pedal a little harder to get through the 100-110k mark.Vibration is through steering wheel and floor.Wondering if tranny could be problem,Hoping for solution.Found an old discussion board of new owners complaining of symptoms with no resolutions from GM while their trucks where new and under warranty .Has anyone heard of these symptoms.ps tires where accussed as problem to all owners,symptoms didn"t go away after replacing. thanks
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