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  1. MickeyB

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    Hi I am looking for some information regarding snow plow attachments for 2005 Silverado. It is an 8 cylinder 2500 HD with 4WD and ltd slip. I want to know what types of plows are best to mount on the Silverados. I read about some plow installations chopping up the front bumper and wanted to know if that is for every plow or just some. I am still trying to learn this site so apologies if all these questions are somewhere else. I haven't earned enough posts to be able to post pictures so perhaps this will put me over the top.

    Any info is appreciated.
    This is for personal use (maybe a couple of other driveways as well)
    I was also partial to a 7'6" plow.
    Fisher, Boss, Western, Blizzard, whatever


  2. 2COR517

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    I do lots of snowplowing. The most important part of a plow is dealer support. At the end of the day, they all push snow. Fisher, Boss, SnoWay, Meyer, Curtis, etc. Buy what's popular in your area, and you can get serviced. As for the "damage" to your truck - "chopping up your bumper" - is a little strongly worded. None of the modern plows will require cutting your BUMPER, buy you may need to notch the spoiler underneath.

    If you need/want more info, PM me.
  3. MickeyB

    MickeyB New Member

    Good advice

    Thank you for the heads up. I suppose I will need to research the plow service folks in my area. I admit the wording was a little strong but I am learning want to make sure I don't do anything to permanently damage the truck.

    I have read where some setups cause more "modifications" than others to the front of the vehicle when installing the plowing unit. It was the only thing I was trying to get clarification on.

    Thanks for the reply. It is appreciated.


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