2005 Silverado Right Front Bearing Failure

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  1. Domecreek

    Domecreek New Member

    :neutral::gasp:I have a 2005 4x4 Silverado - coming back from the farm to the city (Edmonton) noticed a grinding sound when I turned into service station to get gas. Crawled underneath and could not see anything. Had new front brake pads installed at dealer back in October 07. Went to proceed and grinding sound started again. Had the hook come and tow it to my new service garage of choice. Put on hoist and pulled front wheel - found right fron bearing hub (ie: the bearings had cratered).
    The Generous Motors engineers had designed this hub part to "NOT" be greased or repacked - and after looking at the bearings, one could surmise that they had put as little grease as possible into this bearing hub. The hub with bearings, ABS sensor,wheel studs etc. was a $400.00 touch, new calipers required both sides of course, new rotors required,both sides, new pads required, The truck has 145,000 km and I will no doubt replace the left front Wheel bearing hub before it fails.
    I phoned the dealer in Stony Plain about what had evolved and it was the typical "who cares, don't bore me with your sad story."
    Bottom line is that I have always driven Chev trucks/cars and I observe more and more of the dumpster parts. You can't grease the U-Joints (no nipples) or repack wheel bearings - you just wait for the driveline to fall off or the hubs to fall off.
    I would have driven into the Chev dealer this August and traded for another Chev truck, no questions asked. However, I will now look around at the Nissan,Dodge,Ford - perhaps they have something better to offer this customer , at least it cannot be any worse than the Chev truck experience that I had this past week and decided to share with this forum.
  2. vncj96

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    Are you trying to get something out of the dealer as to why you called them? The u-joints are just that they designed to be non greasable so they dont get over used (too long)or overgreased, you just replace them, but the replacements are greasable. i wouldnt let one bad experiance get you down, try and find a different dealership, I did, i wont buy one from my towns Chevy but i will take the time to drive a half hour to the next one which has been a great experiance for 10 years now!
  3. jim1958

    jim1958 Member

    Sorry to here about your problems. On my 98 burb wheel bearing hub assy was 225.00, rotors 37.00, pads 25.00 and very rarely do calipers have to be replaced. Now for the Dodges they have lower ball joint issues and there gas mileage stinks, Ford has steering issues and there gas mileage stinks. I don`t know about foreign trucks, but I won`t buy something that is not American Made the way the economy is !!!!!!!!!!! Again sorry to here about your bad experience but being a millwright I believe GM has the best thing going.
  4. jamesscabetjr

    jamesscabetjr New Member

    I just replaced mine ( one side ) and it cost me $250.00 my cost as i am a mechanic. Thsy all have these problems not just Chevy's . Fords arethe worst as you seem to be replacing 2 or 3 at a time on these trucks.
  5. keepontruckin

    keepontruckin New Member

    My 2005 GMC Sierra has just >80,000 kms on it, and I'm having to replace a second wheel bearing hub. A few months ago, the rear left wheel almost came off because the bearings were falling out of the hub. Yesterday, the same thing happened while travelling on a highway with the front left wheel. While my truck was being pulled up onto the tow truck, all the bearings fell out of the wheel - one was completely ground, the others were perfect. A few more turns or bumps and I suspect I would have lost the wheel.

    I didn't have any grinding noises with the front tire (although I did with the rear) - the front hub deteriorated really quickly (within 100kms of driving), and it sounded like cables snapping while driving which was likely the bearings tumbling around.

    I was searching these automotive forums to find out if there are other people out there having similar problems with the GMC Sierra wheel bearing hubs/integrated ABS sensors?

    It seems to me that the hubs shouldn't be wearing out so quickly - it is a major safety hazard, since in my case, there wasn't any early warning signs of a major hub meltdown. I'm collecting information to write to GMC about this problem.

    And I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I've also had to have my rotors ground down 3 times and replaced once since new.

    I really like my truck despite the problems, but with the repair costs within 80,000 kms, I don't think I'm going to be able to keep it.
  6. Domecreek

    Domecreek New Member

    Yes, I had an identical failure here in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I brought it to the attention of the Chev Truck dealer (Competition Chev Olds) in Stony Plain Alberta. The response was basically "who cares."
    The repair cost me about $1,500.00 , but it was the down time for my truck. I did not take it to Competition Chev Olds, as I found another dealer who was concerned, but he could do nothing, because Mother GM in Oshawa Ontario could care less.
    And that is why GM, once one of the world's largest corporations went belly up !
    The design of this front hub is an engineering screw-up and it is a danger to the public.
    Will I buy another GM truck. No, my wife just bought a Toyota Tundra and I am not far behind as the dealer in Sherwood Park is aggressive.
    So a few more GM workers get laid off. So what. You had your chance to retain this customer with just a little bit of caring, but you failed at customer relations notwithstanding the engineering and manufacturing of a quality product.
  7. vncj96

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  8. Anthony86

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    My left front wheel bearing looked up going around 70. The front tire ended up under the truck snap my front axle in 2 had to get new rotors breaks axle abs cable and a few brackets. My truck did a full 180 and ended up in the other lanes lucky it happened when there was no on coming traffic. Now i check them often
  9. PitKrew

    PitKrew New Member

    I worked for a Dodge Dealer before and thier bearings are the same way, almost all manufacturers are built that way now. It's how they plan on staying in business, they make a part that will last for a while and then go out. So sorry but those are the breaks.... I know work at a Chevy/Toyota Dealer and we have problems with both of them and thier front bearings!!!
  10. bluesilverado06

    bluesilverado06 New Member

    That's odd that your truck acted like that done a 180, I been driving on my driver side hub and bearings making sounds for a whole year drive my truck every day about 35 miles to work and home. plus drive it a lot outside of work. I never had any problem with wheel felling off just sounds I speed up it stop i stay at a steady speed it comes back. I replace passenger side but got busy and didn't get chance to get the driver side done yet lol. I plan go outside come tomorrow get some replacing done.

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