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    Hi all, just purchased a really clean 2005 Chevy Suburban LS 1500 4x4. The body and interior are all in unbelievable condition for the mileage of 283,000. I met the owner and he drove nearly 200 miles a day commuting from South Jersey all the way north to just over the border of NY for work 4 days a week. It was all highway miles. The only thing it needs is rear brakes, a left front wheel bearing, and the drivers seat moves forward and back but does not tilt. The motor makes a clicking noise. What do I need to do to fix this ? I can do the brakes myself but is the wheel bearing difficult to do and what might I expect to pay a shop to do this for me ? Anything I should know about this truck to keep an eye on like fluid changes, preventable maintenance etc ? Thanks in advance for your help.:great:
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    I would start by changing all the fluids. Front and rear diffs, transfer case, trans etc.. I would also check the spark plugs, people tend to forget to change them. The front wheel hub id pretty straight forward and easy to change out. You can rent the large socket you need for the axle nut from autozone or another parts store for free. I wouls take the seat out and see what you find. It could be something dumb like something fell into the track or hinge area of the seat preventing it from moving.
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    Thanks Pikey I'll let ya know how it goes :great:
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  5. Hairscrambler

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    Not interested in replacing the seat just fixing the motor :great:

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