2005 Suburban Speedo Problem

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    New to the forum, but have been lurking a little while. Just recently got a 05 Suburban. Has an intermittant speedo issue. Sometimes works, sometimes not at all, sometimes reads incorrectly. The xfer case had been replaced before I got the trk, but don't know if that has anything to do with it. Don't have any wiring diagrams (yet) so am looking for a few simple things to start checking. Have heard this is an issue on these vehicles but I am a believer in starting simple so if someone can tell me where/what wires plugs I can check/reseat first I would like to start there.

    Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Hey Tom, welcome to the truck club. Sorry I don't have any simple or easy suggestions, but the "stepper motors" are the most common problem on the speedos. There is a thread here on GMTC with pics of what they look like
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    Thanks for the help and welcome. I did a little searching and saw some posts about the stepper motors. I'm afraid that is what it is going to end up being. Also read somwhere about somobody having a loose/bad connection. Didn't know where the speedo gets its info from but I wanted to try checking the connections first since this truck had been worked on before and the xfer case replaced. Trying to be an optomist and hoping that it is as simple as them not connecting things back properly. Usually ends up being more involved than that I am sure.....

    Is there a connector(s) on the other end where the speed sensor(?) or whatever is that I can check? Where would that be/ Transmission or xfer case? And if there is one can someone post a diagram or tell me what it looks like?

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    Hey Tom.

    I just posted the following info in another post and figured it may be helpful to you as well. Good luck!

    I had a cluster issue on my Suburban also. I found the following web based company to be helpful:

    Digital Dash solutions

    They replace all of the crap Korean stepper motors in the IC with higher quality units. Special note: If you have just one gauge acting up - say your speedo, this is only one of several stepper motors that are in the gauge. Don't make the mistake of just replacing the speedo stepper motor and leaving the fuel gauge, temp gauge, tach etc. as is. GM got some bad Korean steppers in 2003. I don't know the year of your truck.

    In the end I took the cluster to a place in Madison Heights, Michigan where many Chevy dealerships send them due to the fact that I could simply drive there and drop it off. It is called Specmo Enterprises and they do warranty speedo and other electronic repairs for GM. Here is their website:


    P.S. After living with the issue for so long and waiting for GM to do a recall, I paid out of pocket for my repairs. A few months after this repair, the GM recall was issued and I was reimbursed for this repair. I am not sure if this recall is still being honored and am sure it depends upon your vehicle year and the mileage.

    Good luck!
  5. Imposter71

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    Thanks for the info. If it ends up being the stepper motor I will look into doing them all like you suggest. Still want to double check all my connections first as soon as I can find a diagram on where they are and what they look like.

    Nice camaro!

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    As mentioned by Stephan.....the problem is most likely the Stepper Motor's.....which is a common Problem on the 2003" to 2005" Dash Cluster's in the Trucks/SUV's.....

    G.M. Has a Special Coverage Adjustment on the Vehicle's I've mentioned Above......the Coverage is for.......7years or 70,000 mile's in which G.M./Chevy.....will replace those Dash Cluster's.....where the Gauges Stick....Flutter and become Inoperative.....at No Charge.....The Below Link goes into Detail Re-Guarding Coverage Adjustment,

    Gm/Chevy Link,

    If your 2005" is beyond the Coverage.....the Below link has a Step by Step Instructions on removing and replacing the Stepper Motor's,

    Stepper Motor Link,

    Hope this can help you out.....:glasses:

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