2005 Suburban Z-71 seat problem

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  1. BeavertonLarry

    BeavertonLarry New Member

    Hi, New member. I've got a problem I'm hoping to get some help with. My 2005 Z-71 drivers seat vertical adjustment motor won't work. At first it would just make slight clicking noises, then it quit altogether. Does anyone have any idea how to go about diagnosing and hopefully repairing? The stealer said the motor could run as much as $1100.:grrrrrr: Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. tbplus10

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    Step one would be ensuring it has power coming to it.
    Verifying the fuse isnt blown etc.

    If theres power to the motor then you'll need to check the motor for function, basically checking to see if it's burnt out.

    If its burnt out theres a few sources for replacements.
    Rockisland auto parts
    Local wrecking yards
  3. BeavertonLarry

    BeavertonLarry New Member

    Thanks! How hard is it to remove?
  4. JungleJim

    JungleJim New Member

    I had the same problem and I took it to our local dealership. They said that the motor would have to be replaced for around $800. I took it home and started messing with it. I took a set of vice grips and turned the screw by hand. It was all of the way to the end of its range. Once I broke it free, it started working. Whew! I just saved a pile of money. Now I can spend it on something fun.

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