2005 Tahoe Z71 Door Locking Problems

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by UTFan69, Mar 9, 2010.

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    First, my liftgate would lock, but not unlock. Now, the rear doors will unlock, but not lock. The front doors work as they should. I first thought I needed a new actuator for the liftgate, but now I don't know. Has anyone experienced this and, does anyone have any suggestions to correct the problem?
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    GM scam...

    UTfan: this should have been a recall item but instead GM and Chevy dealers are exploiting this problem and price gouging customers to fix it. It's either the actuator or the lifgate lock is being obstructed. Google "ChefSeattle Suburban Rear Liftgate Won't Unlock - How to fix" for a good way to fix an obstructed lock mechanism. For a new actuator you need to replace the liftgate actuator. Unfortunately it is impossible to find a new actuator online. The dealer quoted me $320 for the part and $230 for labor. I told them go to hell and took my Tahoe back (only after they released it back to me for $50). Other actuators go for $65 online but according to one response on JustAnswers.com replacing a newer model GM liftgate actuator can only be done by the dealer. This must explain why the service manager was smiling as I left the dealer in search of a better price. I regret the bailout of GM that us taxpayers are paying for and, for crap like this, I hope they fail.

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