2006 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Dreaded Chirp

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    Well after many months of investigation I came to the bottom of the problem that I thought was belts and pulleys! The Tick/chirp that got louder with time wound up being my lifters and because of the lifters being messed up the cam also had some metal damage to it. So both had to be replaced at the fine price of 3500.00 at Chevy. I asked the mechanic to describe the problem to me and says the following: The lifters are seated in a plastic housings and those housing will sometimes break or give way. This then cause the lifter to turn and when it does the lifter will then rub against the cam and cause the sound you hear which is the metal chirping. The cam that is being replaced would be fine except for the old(bad) lifters have rubber the metal and this will cause the new lifters not to seat on the cam the right way. I hope this can help someone. One other thing I was using a pipe as a stethoscope to find the problem and tried by every pulley with no luck and them opened the crankcase oil fill and stuck the pipe in there and it just about knocked my eardrum out with noise. This may be common sense to some but for me brand new to this type of problem, and there was a recall for this problem for this year but my truck did not fall in the VIN number call. Hope this can do some good for someone. Thanks

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