2006 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Dreaded Chirp

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by wabcyouthpastor, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. wabcyouthpastor

    wabcyouthpastor New Member

    Well after many months of investigation I came to the bottom of the problem that I thought was belts and pulleys!

    The Tick/chirp that got louder with time wound up being my lifters and because of the lifters being messed up the cam also had some metal damage to it. So both had to be replaced at the fine price of 3500.00 at Chevy. I asked the mechanic to describe the problem to me and says the following: The lifters are seated in a plastic housings and those housing will sometimes break or give way. This then cause the lifter to turn and when it does the lifter will then rub against the cam and cause the sound you hear which is the metal chirping. The cam that is being replaced would be fine except for the old(bad) lifters have rubber the metal and this will cause the new lifters not to seat on the cam the right way. I hope this can help someone.

    One other thing I was using a pipe as a stethoscope to find the problem and tried by every pulley with no luck and them opened the crankcase oil fill and stuck the pipe in there and it just about knocked my eardrum out with noise. This may be common sense to some but for me brand new to this type of problem, and there was a recall for this problem for this year but my truck did not fall in the VIN number call. Hope this can do some good for someone. Thanks
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  2. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    not having heard about this ever occurring with other owners and myself these engine do go 200-300,000 miles with no issues . there has been some with defective heads/or pistons not properly made to the OEM spec causing cold piston slap.

    how about giving the info on things like how long you owned this vehicle what oil do you use what oil filters frequency of the oil changes the vehicle uses mileage on odometer .

    the lifters are to hold oil . this is how they adjust to keep the rods up on the cam with changes in temp etc. if you run an engine with lifter noise this will cause the damage your engine had.

    carbon will get into these valves and cause the oil to leak down. then the lifter/cam damage.
  3. wabcyouthpastor

    wabcyouthpastor New Member

    frequency, type, and time

    I changed my oil every 5,000 miles with mobile 1-5 30 full synthetic and Lucas oil mixed together. I have had the truck since Jan 2012 and it has 100000 mile on it at this time while it is in the shop regarding no other issues that you have heard, I have heard several issues after doing extensive reading and research about this but no one the less hope this helps
  4. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    with your short time of ownership this does explain lots to me as to why you have these failures.

    now lets just say ONE LIFTER broke down then you can explain this as a failure of the component. when you have the damage you have now this is from neglect or abuse of the vehicle.

    It is very possible that the engine was never properly maintained and the use of the MOBIL 1 synthetic loosened up all the gunk/carbon deposits that led to this MAJOR engine destruction.

    this is not the norm with these engines . never read about lifter failures with these. no recalls about lifter failures or cam failures.

    another cause could be the head gaskets/heads where replaced. the person doing this did not follow the OEM proceedures with this task. this then would cause the lifters to not be able to adjust properly causing all to be destroyed.
  5. wabcyouthpastor

    wabcyouthpastor New Member

    should I continue with mobile 1 then since I am having all this done... and I do know for a fact that the person I got the vehicle from gave me all service records (maintained at chevy at every service increment) thanks for the information by the way
  6. Kapelusprime

    Kapelusprime Member

    I'd stick with mobile one and use delco filters, they're well made and the flow rate is what GM designed them with. Anyone that says they've never head of lifter problems in GM motors, hasn't been around GM long. They are notorious "tappers" My 2011 5.3 has the morning tic (10k on it), and so dose my bosses vett (48k on it). If you don't like the morning or cold GM tic get aftermarket lifters like Comp cams. Example, they changed the part no# again in 2012 for the same motor and the TSB for my year is a complete lifter change with.....the new part number lifter. The hydraulic lifter solves some problems and if not to spec creates them too.
  7. wabcyouthpastor

    wabcyouthpastor New Member

    mechanic talk

    I picked up truck this evening and he said it was only one lifter that was bad and that the cam had wear on it from the bad lifter, and good idea to have had it replaced, the lifter and the cam looked like someone had taken sandpaper and grinded down pretty good, but he said all should be good now and he also said while he had everything off that he looked and everything else looked good on the inside. the tick don't bother me but it was like a loud chirp and I knew something was wrong. but it did start as a tick to begin with and then progressively got worse and worse until it turned an expensive and annoying. mobile one and ac delco got it and thank for the help!!!
  8. JimmyA

    JimmyA Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I had morning lifter noise on my 2010, the dealer replaced them under warranty! If I were you, I would get them replaced.
  9. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    you have a 2006 vehicle this is not the same as the 2007 on up vehicles. these 5.3L 2006 and older have very few problems. also on cold start up any engine from time to time will have a few seconds of lifter noise.

    anything more than that then you will have cam damage. as I explained before carbon and debris can interfere with the lifter holding oil so it can adjust properly.

    mobil 1 oil is what I recommend . being synthetic it will not mix with water and create acids and debris that causes lifter problems. also it flows faster so the lifters can adjust quicker. rapid temp changes will cause this and also very cold temps .. 100,000miles and this lifter failed only one is just a defect ...

    you should be good now that this was corrected and hopefully they did not do any short cuts.

    I know of many avoiding the 2007 and newer vehicles because of the engine issues . I was going to replace my 2000 but too many engine problems... looking to see how the newer 2014 engines work out .
  10. Kapelusprime

    Kapelusprime Member

    My dealer said they could not reproduce, but I hear it every morning cold out or 80 degrees. It lasts for a few minutes, then I let her warm up and it goes away. Guess I'll have to wait till it gets more obnoxious till they'll throw in on the TSB. I've got the extended warranty and it's only got 10k on the clock. Good ol GM!

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