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  1. Nathan Kenney

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    Hello i have a 2006 chevy silverado 1500 I was wondering if anyone can answer these three question. First where can i purchase OEM 2500 Towing Mirrors. Secondly does anyone know where the fuel filter is I have the 5.3 If that helps. Finally how do i know if i have the deep transmission pan want to change the fluid and filter.
  2. 98Hotrod98

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    ** Welcome to the club,

    1) amazon, GMpartsdirect,
    2) filter is located in the fuel tank with the pump. ( good for 100k miles )
    3) deep pans are normally aftermarket and should have a logo on them. My GM pan is just unmarked.
  3. ChevyFan

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    don't forget gmpartsclub.com :) (that's a little self-serving, just tossing that out there though). :)
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Your fuel filter is located in the gas tank, its supposed to be good for 100,000 miles. If your trans pan is 3" deep, its a deep pan.

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    Gm does have a shallow and deep metal pan.

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