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2006 LT Progamming a new keyless entry remote

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by RealRileyJr, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. RealRileyJr

    RealRileyJr New Member

    Anyone know how to program a new key fob remote for a 2006 Silverado LT with manual locks and windows? Only instructions I can find are for power locks.

  2. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Just out of curiosity, since you have manual locks, what features/functions are you planning on using with the remote? I'm just having trouble connecting keyless entry with manual locks.
  3. RealRileyJr

    RealRileyJr New Member

    It's my uncle's truck. The truck came with 2 remote fobs to operate the door locks. He lost one and the other got wet and quit working. He asked me to order him a new one. I didn't know he didn't have power locks (hence no lock/unlock button) and windows until I went to program the new one.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2012
  4. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    I'm still a little confused...if he does not have power locks, what is the remote used for? Are you sure he does not have power locks?

    In any case, I can only find instructions that use the power locks....I also pasted a link to the website in case you want to poke around and see what you can find.

    1. Close all vehicle doors.
    2. Insert the key into the ignition.
    3. Hold down the power UNLOCK button on the driver’s door panel-continue to hold
    down until instructed to release in step 9.

    4. Perform steps 5 through 8 in fairly rapid succession.
    5. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (as far as you can go without starting the

    6. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
    7. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
    8. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
    9. Release the power unlock button on the door panel. The vehicle will lock and unlock
    the doors automatically.

    10. Hold down the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the transmitter simultaneously until
    the door locks and unlocks.
    This step may take up to 30 seconds.

    11. Repeat step 10 NOW for each additional transmitter (including any existing

    12. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position in order to exit the transmitter programming
  5. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Rockstar 3 Years 1000 Posts

    Since you are the worlds greatest nephew for Uncle Carlton, order and install a new aftermarket lock/unlock that comes with 2 NEW key fobs; like my signature says, I have seen you do some amazing things.

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