2006 silverado 4.8 collapsed lifter

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by 2006bowtie, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. 2006bowtie

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    okay im new to this whole forum thing, so sorry if i break any hidden rules. lol i searched around the forums but found nothing to really backup my suspicions. okay here goes, for the last id say 4 months ive had a ticking noise coming from what sounded like the bell housing. everytime we tried pin pointing the "tick" it sounded lke it was somewhere else again. there was even a recent month like period it just stopped ticking completely. but, this week it came back, and was LOUD. finally pulling out of the driveway it happened. a loud ticking, followed by what sounded like a chain snap. the truck then lost a conciderable amount of power, and had a very noticeable missfire. i drove it maybe 5min longer to my friends body shop, and then today dissasembled the top end of the motor. first clue was one of the rockers had no tension, and the spring was fine. it was the 4th rocker from the front, passenger side. jumping forward, the roller was missing from the lifter, and the part of the lifter housing the roller is gone. now, the piston is undamaged, and the valves are undamaged. everything besides the lifter looks fine. my concern is the cam. from what we could see through the lifter port/hole, it looked undamaged. ive enver dissasembled a motor to this extent or even seen a lifter prior to this... should i be worried about futire cam failure? or should i be ok just replacing the lifter. i'd really hate to pull the cam, cause im short on funds, and recently laid off. but, if failure of the cam is inevidable, i wanna get it out of the way. any suggestions? or anyone else with lifter failure and what they had to replace? thanks in advance for answers! here are some pics of the damaged lifter as well.

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    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you need to find that roller and the other metal shards before it finds you looking for a complete rebuild.
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  4. 2006bowtie

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    I plan on finding the scrap before starting the engine again, I'm more curious if the cams gonna be alright. I'm putting all new fluids in as well after reassembly too since the radiator fluid went everywhere after unbolting the head.
  5. 2006bowtie

    2006bowtie New Member

    Well its back together, found the scrap in the pan, run in like a champ. Incase anyone was curious.

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