2006 Silverado and Bilstein shocks recomendations

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by tbeard, May 5, 2013.

  1. tbeard

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    I just purchased a LT Crew Cab 2006. Has the factory shocks. I will be replacing with Bilstein. Any suggestions on what Seriers of shock? Seriers 4600 shows 2 P/N for front and 2 for rear. Then there is a HD shock listed also. So I am not sure which P/N to order...Thx for feedback.
  2. Psjoe

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    Have the same truck. Spent hours reading about what shocks to buy. Wanted Bilstein but read good things about other choices also, everyone has a favorite. After talking with my mechanic I went with Monroe sensa trac. Wasn't convinced the Bilstein's were worth the extra money. My shocks were also factory original and noticed a huge difference right out of the shop. Tightened up everything including the steering. I drive 80% town 20% hi-way, rare off road. Had em two days and quite satisfied.
  3. Pikey

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    many guys go with the 5100 series. I have the 4600 on my yukon xl. I had monro reflex on it for less than a year when I switched to bilstein. The reflex were bad after a year. The pistons would not return when pushed in by hand. I took them back for warranty. The guy at the parts store said that I was lucky to get a year out of any monro on Michigan roads. There is a major difference between the new monro and the new bilstein. The bilsteins were only few $ more, and well worth it in my opinion.
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  4. squatchy

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    Just because a mechanic tells you something doesn't make it true. Forums full of people who have a general consensus of whats good and whats not is a far better tell than a mechanic who sells a certain brand. Bilstein shocks are well regarded as a great choice for shocks/struts. Basically the 5100 and 4600 are the same shock, but 5100s were designed for lifted trucks. They do make them for 0-2 inches of lift so if you are stock those would be the ones to go with. I think it really comes down to do you want zinc/black or yellow/blue shocks?

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