2007- 2013 Chevy Silverado/Sierra fog lights up grade

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  1. nick100

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    Hi all if you wanted to install fog lights on 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado/Sierra here is how you can.I will ad pic to help along.
    Parts list:
    Complete fog light kit from GM #19170441 cost $ 390.00 CAD Or you can buy the parts individually
    OEM fog lights on Ebay for about 70.00 for pair
    Bumper end cap to painted body match color code and where the fog lights are installed part# 20985757 LH 209857578 RH.
    Replacement headlight/Fog light switch part#25858705 or AC Delco #D1527J. $70.00 CAN
    Pig tail plus for the H11 /5202 fog light bulbs part# 19168034 or AC Delco PT2390 x2 $30.00 each CAN
    1: remove headlight switch bezel inside truck ,push clip open to remove and install new switch.
    2: remove the grill ,headlights ,LH and RH non fog light bumper end caps.
    3 DISCONNECT THE BATTERY OR BATTERIES AND 15 AMP FOG LIGHT FUSE BEFORE THE REMOVAL OF FUSE BLOCK !!!:remove the top of the fuse box to access the gray bulk head connector by pulling a releasing the wing locking tab, you will need to install a pin connector in that gray bulk head # B5 slot.To install the new in B5 you must unlock the red locking tab on that gray bulk head, install the new connecting pin with 14 gauge wire about 10 feet long {purple}in the B5 slot and re lock the red locking tab.This wire is the positive feed side 15 amp fuse for the fog lights.
    4: run this new wire to the left hand and right hand bumper end caps, connect the to one end of the fog light pigtail harness part# PT2390 and other lead to the chassis ground under the near the body mounts.
    5: install fog light in RH/LH body matched painted bumper end caps and plug in fog lights.
    6:reinstall fog light 15 amp fuse and front end trim, test ,all done now you have fog lights

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  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    :great: Very nice write up..
  3. jonehrmann45

    jonehrmann45 New Member

    Whats size terminal do u need for the part that goes in to fuse block(purple wire end)
  4. nick100

    nick100 New Member

    pin size

    II am very sorry but I don't know the pin size
  5. tjinman

    tjinman New Member

    Wiring Help

    I just installed this kit on my 2013 Silverado but I need some help with the wiring. The B5 slot already has a green wire connected to it. Does anyone know what this wire goes to and what I should do with the purple fog light wire? I put it in the B4 slot but they don't work.
  6. pspod2838

    pspod2838 New Member

    I am also installing fog lights on my 2012 Avalanche. I chose not to spend $300 for the dealer kit and bought the lights and switch from Ebay. I have made up my own harness but, have the same problem locating a pin connector end for the purple wire to the terminal block. Any suggestion???
  7. nick100

    nick100 New Member

    {purple}in the B5 slot and re lock the red locking tab.This wire is the positive feed side 15 amp fuse for the fog lights.
  8. 08_rado_rocker

    08_rado_rocker Member 2 Years 500 Posts

    Good write-up bud. Never did a write-up when I did my upgrade... But I found a company on Ebay that was actually selling the complete kit including wiring, painted caps, lamps, and bulbs for i believe $310. It only took about 30 minutes to install, and I have enjoyed it ever since. I also added a relay to it all to give my truck the NNBS "all on hi" mod.
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  9. bigbuck493

    bigbuck493 Member

    wait... i understand pt2390 as the pigtails that connect to the bulbs in the housings but whered you get the harness that runs down the middle supplying power to those? did you just get some heavy gauge wire and splice it then wrap everything in electrical tape?
  10. nick100

    nick100 New Member

    I just made the harness up with 16 gauge wire and bought the fog light pig tail end from delco dealer

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