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  1. jtdchevy

    jtdchevy New Member

    Hey guys and gals if you have a 2007- 2009 avalanche what kind of problems have you had if any. Was it warrenty:great: or out of pocket?:grrrrrr:
  2. jtdchevy

    jtdchevy New Member

    Oh excuse me for the typo. but if you have a 2099 avalanche i would sure like to see it. should be 2007-2009.
  3. Elbert

    Elbert New Member

    I have 33,000 on my 07. I haven't had any problem except some crome plating peeling off the right front inside door handle, they covered it under warranty. I do think that I have a lft front shock going bad. I hear a noise and I have read a Service Report that describes my problem and how to fix it. It should be under warranty.
  4. jtdchevy

    jtdchevy New Member

    Thats great if its under warranty. You have to stay on top of those chevy parts dealers. when my intake manifold gasket wen.t if it wasn't for me reading up on the 100000 mile warranty they where going to charge me $2000 to fix it and a few other things.
  5. Mr69Z28

    Mr69Z28 New Member

    Okay, mine's a 2010, so it's still under warranty but take a look here at my ordeals so far (as posted elsewhere in the Avalanche Forum)....

    New member here who just bought a nicely appointed 2010 Avalanche LT on MARCH 6.

    On MARCH 8, I had my first CHECK ENGINE light at 100 miles. Took it back on MARCH 7 & dealer's shop ordered a new O2 sensor.

    New sensor installed MARCH 15, but by then the 5.3L is blowing a giant cloud of BLUE SMOKE at every start up, beginning at about 250 miles. Scheduled a return to the shop on MARCH 18. Dealer finds a GM bulletin on this issue regarding "overactive lifters". Turns out the lifters in this one are maybe supplied by Bosch and have been found to be a bit irrationally exuberant in their mission to pump oil to the heads. Apparently the pump rate exceeds the galley drain rate by enough to pool up an excess that overflows into the intake manifold (a nice little calculus problem for school). Solution is to tear engine down and replace these lifters with another set of lifters. Not sure, but thinking this may be related to the AFM control system??

    Dealership is doing a great job, but my Avalanche experience is getting off to a very bad start. (And I traded in a somewhat annually troublesome Bravada for this.) Hope there's better days ahead with this truck, but I'm not getting much seat time so far. Looking to get the truck back in about a week. Meanwhile, I'm riding in a Silverado Extended Cab Z71 loaner.

    Glad to find this site just the same.
    Mr69Z28...original owner (and still owner) of the first Z/28 sold in Beaufort Co. N.C.
    Member, SAE.

    New lifters under warranty have fixed the oil smoke problem. About 2 weeks out of the shop, a flying rock from a semi cracked the windshield, so back in the shop for new glass. ARRRRGH.

    Even with these misadventures and downtime, I've logged about 6700 miles between March and June on the new Avalanche, including a trip to the Indy 500. Things are improving!

    UPDATE 10-17-2010:

    On 10-1-2010, I was stranded by a TRANSMISSION FAILURE at 12,665 miles on this still almost NEW Avalanche. About 1.75 hours from home in eastern NC and headed to PA when transmission started decoupling and re-coupling. Traction control, parking assist, and other control module alarms went bezerk. One hour wait for recovery truck and then rest of day spent at Mr. Goodwrench totally wrecked my travel plans.

    It's been TWO WEEKS PLUS, going onto THREE waiting for parts. Avalanche is at a dealership about 1-1/2 hours from here. I'm having to make do in a rental HHR in the meantime. Add this to the O2 sensor problem and the valve lifter replacement problem and I've gone about FIVE WEEKS without my Avalanche that I bought NEW only SEVEN MONTHS ago. Of course, the bank still expects their monthly payment.

    The ironic thing is that I traded in my '02 Bravada because I got tired of the annual major breakdowns in the electronic technology on it. This is no better. And the Avalanche MSRP sticker was more than I paid for my first house (ok, I'm telling my age here).

    Not sure I'll be keeping the Avalanche if I ever get it back. After 41 years of buying GM, don't know if I'll do that next time either. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.
  6. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Got a 08 Z71 Av with 54K on it now.. No Big problems to report.. Had some small things but not much...
  7. Mr69Z28

    Mr69Z28 New Member

    UPDATE 10/31/2010:

    Avalanche out of the shop with new torque converter on 10/22/2010. Exactly three weeks from date of transmission failure. Been a week since getting the truck back. So far, so good.
  8. miguesndvl

    miguesndvl New Member

    how many miles did you have when the gasket went out?
  9. biggmachz

    biggmachz New Member

    08 avalanche ltz
    both front door lock actuators replaced out of pocket
  10. colebulen

    colebulen New Member

    07 avalanche lt3. only trouble was at about 30k miles...felt like the tranny fell out of the truck pulling out of the driveway...turned out to be some sort of broken collar in the tranny, not sure of the specifics...but it was under warranty, obviously.

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