2007 2500HD classic sierra 12 volt ignition supply needed.

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Cobalt, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Okay, since i installed my two subwoofers in the back under the seat, and the amplifier sitting right in the middle, i need more air flow. help cool the amp. i took the back seat out for better working room, and i was running my amp for 30 mins or so, it gets really hot since its wored to 1 ohm, so i got 3 computer fans to mount on the side of the box to blow on the amp, and i wired a relay to it so it turns on with ignition. However, i cant use my decks remote out because somehow, it makes a clicking noise in the subs and a fan noise. so i need a different 12v ign out. i would just hook up a toggle switch, but i might forget to turn it on and i'll burn out my amplifier! Anyone know if a source that i can pull off of? maybe a dud plug in a harness somewhere located under the dash? i know there is aux and ign power in the two fuse boxes under the hood and in the dash, but that means i need to tear apart my truck to run a wire through :/ not really something i wanna do, but i'll have to if necessary. please supply a detailed description or maybe a few pictures if possible! :D a side note, would it be possible to hook up a relay to my amplifier and on the same relay, to another replay going to my fans? I heard that you could burn out your remote out from your deck and that's something i don't want to do.

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