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  1. thesavo

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    My father's been complaining that the passenger side split doors have been getting harder to open and close.

    In particular is the left one. The right one feels like the others. The left, one feel like extra effort is needed to open and close it. He had sprayed the hinges and metal stop strap many times with all sorts of lubricant. Water displaced #40 seems to work the best. I am curious if this is a common problem or not. The back split doors don't seem to have this problem.
  2. superduty_59

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    My 2012 with 75k miles is the same way. I sprayed it with everything too. Mine started doing that about a month after it was new. I open and close mine 15-25 time a day and hasn't got better or worse.
  3. tsbrewers

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    Yes, this is extremely common. If you do a google search for express van doors you will get a lot of hits. There are a couple way to deal with it. First is to drill a couple small holes in the hinge, so you can get the spray lube right in by the pin.

    The next and better, but with more work, is to replace the pins with greasable ones. This is the route I took and it works well. But is not a fun job really. Depending on the van, it might go easy or not.

    BUT, make sure you keep them lubed, if you don't the hinges themselves can break and it is expensive to get them fixed. At least for now, spray them and move them back and forth many times, spray again, repeat.

    here is a video with the holes, if you get the door open, you can drill them from the back too. The idea is just to get access to the pins to lube them up.


    This is what I did with mine. It is the best fix in my opinion,

  4. vannooch

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    I use a similar approach with mine. The dirt is actually rust, I do use WD40 but just saturate the top of the hinge and work the door back and forth for a bout 5 minutes. Mine was doing this because I wasn't using the door very much. Now since using I to work out of since the kiddies are grown, I am using it daily and it works very very good.
  5. thesavo

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    I found the grease-able pins. Thanks for the suggestion. We will give this a try when it warms up. Seems like for some the applications of penetrating oil and lithium grease seems to last but for so song. Dorman part 38455 ~$20 per door on Amazon and rock auto.
  6. tsbrewers

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    I think it is the better long term solution too (greasable pins) But take your time to get the old pins out. Mine were pretty bad and I ended up snapping one of the ears off one of the hinges. It was $20 for a local welder to fix it, but it does show that it can be a pain.

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