2007 hhr for 74 cheyenne

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by jokay, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Ok so I am a female, in high school my dad made me drive his 73 rusted out Cheyenne. Hated that truck at time. The older I have gotten and the more cars I've had I sure miss that truck. I found a 74 Cheyenne on craigslist. It 290,000 miles. Looks good, New paint, New interior, good wheels. The guy wants 5600 or will trade. I have a 07 hhr with some minor paint body issues, interior need a cleaned and no engine issues. Kbb value on my car is 4600. My question would this be a good trade? I am a single mom and don't want to be stuck with a pos but I really want my old truck back. So any input is appreciated.
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    With the reliability and recalls on the HHR I would do it if it fits your needs.. Welcome where are you?
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    Dollar for dollar its a fair trade from your description, the real question is will it seat all the passengers you have.
    Maintenance costs are about equal, repair cost, say for the engine or trans, are much better on the truck. A replacement eng or trans on an HHR is 2 to 3 times the cost of that truck, not to mention the added electronics on the HHR.
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    Very nice ride..

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