2007 Silverado Mirror Caps (new body style)

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by MPclk2006, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. MPclk2006

    MPclk2006 Rockstar

    Went to the dealership and got the color match mirror caps for my truck for like $67 plus tax...well that was the easy part, how the heck do I take off the mirror caps that are on the truck? One of them is kind of loose so it looks like all I would have to do is pull but the other one is pretty stuck on...so is it a just pull it off kind of thing or do I have to take the mirror off or some kind of crazy thing like that?
  2. MPclk2006

    MPclk2006 Rockstar

    nevermind, they are already installed as of like 20 minutes ago...
  3. chucknorris

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    well im looking to do that soon since i thought they would be more expensive than that. howd you get them off? did you happen to notice the price on color matching door handles?
  4. MPclk2006

    MPclk2006 Rockstar

    nah I didnt check...all you had to do is pop them off with a knife or something...i would suggest like the dullest butter knife that way you dont cut yourself or scratch the mirror...

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