2007 Silverado TPMS won't relearn, help please!

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by kelpet, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. kelpet

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    I can't get the TPMS in the DIC to relearn the tire positions. Going by the book. Tried inflating, deflating, adjusted inflate deflate times up from 5sec to 15 sec. Occasionally get past 1st tire "honk", once past 2nd tire"honk again", then times out "double honk". Done this about 20 times or more. Inflated to high press max and tried deflating, set at 32 psi and deflated, set at 25 and inflated, set at 32 and inflated. You get my point. Are dealers the only guys that can do this? In all my efforts have only got the 2 front tires to get a reading, never got past 3rd (lr tire). Dashes in DIC. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. TahoeFever

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    The TPMS sensor matching process is outlined
    1. Set the parking brake.
    2. Turn the ignition switch to RUN with the
    engine off.
    3. Using the DIC, press the vehicle information
    button until the RELEARN TIRE POSITIONS
    message displays. If your vehicle does not
    have the DIC buttons, press the trip odometer
    reset stem located on the instrument panel
    cluster until the RELEARN TIRE POSITIONS
    message displays.
    4. If your vehicle has the DIC buttons, press the
    set/reset button. The horn will sound twice to
    indicate the TPMS receiver is ready, and
    the TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE message will
    display. If your vehicle does not have the DIC
    buttons, press and hold the trip odometer
    reset stem until the horn chirps twice and the

    5. Start with the driver’s side front tire.
    6. Remove the valve cap from the valve cap
    stem. Activate the TPMS sensor by
    increasing or decreasing the tire’s air pressure <---------- set the tires pressure to the max then let out a couple pounds and wait ...

    for five seconds, or until a horn chirp
    sounds. The horn chirp, which make take up
    to 30 seconds to sound, confirms that the
    sensor identification code has been matched
    to this tire and wheel position. To decrease
    air-pressure out of a tire you can use the
    pointed end of the valve cap, a pencil-style air
    pressure gage, or a key.
    7. Proceed to the passenger’s side front tire, and
    repeat the procedure in Step 6.
    8. Proceed to the passenger’s side rear tire, and
    repeat the procedure in Step 6.
    9. Proceed to the driver’s side rear tire, and
    repeat the procedure in Step 6.
    10. After hearing the confirming horn chirp for the
    driver’s side rear tire, the horn chirp will sound
    two more times to signal the tire learning
    mode is no longer active. Turn the ignition
    switch to LOCK.
    11. Set all four tires to the recommended air
    pressure level as indicated on the Tire
    and Loading Information label.
    12. Put the valve caps back on the valve stems
    The spare tire does not have a TPMS sensor.
    If you replace one of the road tires with the spare,
    the SERVICE TIRE MONITOR message will be
    displayed on the DIC screen. This message should
    go off once you re-install the road tire containing
    the TPMS sensor.

    count to 1 to 30 while letting out the air then STOP ....sometimes I found that if u let out the air the sensor takes longer to learn .

    good luck :)
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  3. unplugged

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    Ain't technology grand! A TPMS that isn't coupled with an ability to adjust pressures on the fly seems like a real pain. I used to love it when the TPMS on a Liberty that I used to own, would indicate that the spare was low! I expect that we will start to see more on this issue in the coming months as TPMS use grows.
  4. JimOmaha

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    I also have a 2007 Silverado!
    I had one heck of a time setting TPMS. It would time out before I got through with the last tire. I just got done and I am never going for that mode again! I will mark the inside wheel the next time. I even went as far as pointing all the valve stems to the engine and lifting the hood so the RF signal wouldn't have to go through the wheel or hood. Whatever, but it worked on putting air in for five seconds and waiting 20 seconds. If no beep I would continue that for another five seconds. Also, turn the head lights out when you do this because your battery will die every 20 attempts and it will take about 100. I like my four wheel drive Silverado a lot! But, that was a joke like the first guy wrote.
  5. Farmerdave

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    Just go to the shop that you bought your last set of tires from and let them use their snap on tool to reset them. I now have them rotate my tires because I am so sick of the damn Tire pressure crap not working. Mine has never reset the way it says in the book once. They use their tool and I drive away happy without the light on my dash.

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