2007 silverado wont go to active learning mode

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Challenger66, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Challenger66

    Challenger66 New Member

    i just replaced the battery on my nbs silverado and after i was done the keyless entry remote wouldnt work and my tpms light is on. i go through the DIC menu to relearn remote key and pres the check mark but nothing happens it just flashes, same problem when i try to relearn tire positions. anyone know what the problem is or do i have to take it in
  2. MoveOver4Z

    MoveOver4Z Member

    I dont know about the key problem but my '08 had the tire problem and after explaining the problem to the GM service department I was told only they could fix it
    and for $30 bucks at that, since I had bigger than normal tires warrenty wouldn't cover it.
  3. denali08

    denali08 New Member

    did you found out the problem?

    I have the same thing happened to me and I dont know what it is :(
  4. Challenger66

    Challenger66 New Member

    i just took my truck in, they didn't tell me what the problem was or what they did and made me pay for it

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