For Sale 2007 Stock silverado wheels with tires

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    The tires have roughly 40% tread life left on them asking for best offers. Not sure how to price them since they are used tires.
    Wheel.jpg feel free to contact 828-447-2299 (charlotte, NC)

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    well, you got the penny turned the wrong way. you insert with his head down...if the head shows at all, the tread is too worn for use. But, since that is the way you used it, I checked it out on a penny of my own, using the approx depth you show, and it shows that you have about 3.5/32 left, which less than 40%. That tire started life with 13/32 of tread, so you have 27-30%% of tread left. If there is no cracking anywhere on the tires, here in LV, they would bring about $150 for the set, alone. The wheels look pretty nice, and would bring $100 to $150. Together, I would expect you should get about $250 for the set. If I was local to you, I would buy them for that. List them on craigslist and I bet you will sell them very fast.

    Also, you may not know it, but the Firestone Destination LE is one of the highest rated tires made for light truck use in all weather. Beats Michelin's, and just about everything else, hands down.

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