2008 Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax

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    I have an '08 2500HD Dmax ext. Cab 2 wheel drive with a lovely open rear differential. Unfortunately, it gets stuck even when the air gets too thick so I would prefer to install a Detroit Tru-Trac diff if I can as in my built/supercharged Econoline, but essentially I'll install what's available for the axle.

    My problem is that I cannot reliably identify the axle...I don't see a tag, and I'm not sure the door codes are what I'm looking for. Any advice from you guys as far as axle type or suggestions on a differential?

    Thanks a ton for the help guys

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    Cory: Welcome to the site. Did you check the RPO codes in your glove box? There will be one for your rear axle (G80 is the limited slip rear). You can also go to compnine.com and plug in your VIN to get a list of what was installed from the factory.
  3. crab453

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Here's my lookup:

    I'm seeing a GT4 axle which just states 3.73 as I already know.

    As far as I can tell through other research it's a 14-bolt in the 11.5" flavor. Sound right?

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