2008 GMC Sierra Front left caliper locking up

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by zarang, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. zarang

    zarang New Member

    HELP !!! Hello everyone i have an issue with my 2008 GMC sierra 1500 . Monday the drivers side front brake caliper seized up on me . I first noticed the brake pedal getting very tight and a noticeable bogging down of my truck , it eventually locked up completely . I let the truck sit/cool down for roughly and hour and the caliper released. I was able to get home just in time before the wheel locked up again . This morning i was finally able to get to replace the caliper,brake lines and brake pads and bleed the brakes . I went for a test drive and at first things seemed ok , that is until things started to heat up again . The brakes started to seize again , I was able to make it home again ,jack the wheel up and it was locked up again . I loosened the bleeder and the caliper released .The caliper i bought came assembled with the new guide pins and all new hardware . Im stumped , it acts as though the proportioning valve was bad but it doesnt have a proportioning valve . Whats the next logical step ? Master Cylinder ? Could a faulty ABS sensor or control module cause this type of issue ? Your help is greatly appreciated , Thanks Dennis
  2. GuyGene

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    Weird, zar, my truck is doing same, but rear! Did you use that special grease on the sliding pin on caliper? I hope it's something simple on both our trucks!
  3. Pikey

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    I have seen this happen a few times on trucks. The cause of it (For the trucks I worked on) was water or moister in the brake fluid. When it heats up it expands and causes the caliper to grab. A brake fluid flush fixed both the trucks I saw it on.
  4. Dana W

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    Another cause could be some debris in the line not letting the fluid pressure back off.
  5. j cat

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    if only one front caliper locks up then this would be the caliper hose. sometimes these if defective will internally collapse and you get no brake release.

    I would use a C clamp and apply brake and then push back the caliper it should go back with not much force.

    the other reason would be the brake pads. I have had issues with these chinese made metal backing plates on the brake pads including the GM 120.00 usd parts. they have metal burrs on the pad backing plate and these need be filed down to remove so that the pads move freely. I have also seen this on other vehicles poor metal quality control on the fabrication of these parts.

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