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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by BESherman, Oct 27, 2007.

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    I am new here and, in the next week or so, will be taking delivery of an '08 Sierra Denali. I would like to squeeze every bit of power out of the 6.2, so I am having it fitted with GM's cat-back exhaust system (touring version).

    I would also like a cold air intake system but GM does not offer one. Who makes the best one?

    Finally, I would like to add a rear sway bar and would appreciate any recommendations.

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    I’m not sure what you mean by cold air intake. Unless is something new that I’m really not familiar with, all air cleaners are cold air intake. In other words the get the air from outside the engine compartment.

    Take a look at the air cleaner hose it should go to an area outside the engine compartment. My 94 goes to the right side fender and gets it’s air from outside the engine compartment.

    Any type of filter that get air from inside the engine compartment is not a cold air intake. Like those K&M ones people just leave inside the engine compartment do nothing to get you cold air.

    Now if you are talking about the snorkel type intakes that take air from the roof line. So you can drive threw rivers that a horse of a different color. And available at most any off road shop.


    I think I already answered your sway bar question in another thread, if not.

    If it was an option it is available at the dealer at the parts counter.
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    There are many aftermarket "CAI" systems out there, including the GMPP (GM Performance Parts) CAI, which I currently have. Yes, of course it still gets cold air like the factory intake. But depending on which one you go with, they typically at least improve the intake tubing for better straight-through air flow to the TB, they look great, improve throttle response, and add a nice growl to the engine. Just make sure you get one that has an enclosed box of some kind - so it doesn't pull air from the engine.

    Add that to a mandatory custom tune (which gives you the best improvements) and free-flowing exhaust, and you'll have one nice setup.

    Check out link in my sig for pics of my mods.
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    That should work. Let us know how you like it and pics are always welcome. :)

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