2008 Silverado fuel gauge mis-read

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by hotrodking86, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. hotrodking86

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    I searched through the forum looking for any posts about weird fuel gauge problems. This might be a dumb question, I am use to older cars fuel gauges and pumps. I notice that when I park my truck the fuel gauge says one thing and than sometimes when I turn it on the gauge drops lower, usually when the tank is almost on empty. Not sure if this is how it always was but I notice it now because money is tighter and I am watching my fuel gauge more closely. Is this how these pumps/sensors work now a days, does it take powering off and on to reset the level sometimes? Or am I just paranoid about not wanting to fill up again?

    Thanks guys, hope everyone has a great weekend.
  2. Caddiac

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    The fuel sending unit feeds the ECM which then sends the signal to the gauge. It could be that when you stop the fuel is sloshing around in the tank when you shut off the engine. Then when you get back in it, the fuel is still and you get a more accurate reading. You would notice it more since when the tank has less fuel the effect would be more dramatic. Try shutting it off, watching the gauge and immediately turn the switch to the run position and note the amount of change. Then shut it down and come back an hour later and turn it back to the run position to see if the impact is less or about the same.

    Like you, any thing that makes the fuel gauge go down is money leaving my pocket.
  3. murdog94

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    I have to agree with Caddiac. Also it depends on what position you park the truck in as well. If you are on a hill the guages dont react as fast now so people down worry if it dips when you are hard on the throttle.

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