2008 Silverado speaker color codes

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by MannyO, May 26, 2008.

  1. MannyO

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    Hey guys quick help needed here. I'm trying to install an amp in my truck and i'm keeping the orginal HU so i just need to know where i can find the color codes for the radio wiring. I'm going to splice it to the left speaker. Your help is appreciated

  2. no0b123

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  3. vncj96

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    We need to know what you are doing, factory HU + factory speakers + amp = no good, factory HU + new speakers + amp = wait to you can afford a new HU New HU + speakers + amp + new wiring =:great:
  4. no0b123

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    I think he has everything stock. But he will need a new head unit to hook up the amp to stock speakers.
  5. MannyO

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    OEM HU + OEM Door Speakers + AMP + 2 , 10' Subs'

    Hey guys its all figured out already. I installed two 10'' inch Memphis audio's in a downfire box with a 1000 watt Memphis Audio amp and kept the origanal HU and factory door speakers. It was a good buy my friend was selling all three for 150 bucks. :sign0011: I'll be buying different door speakers and tweeter's once I blow out the factory ones that I have. I used my HU's dimmer wire (yellow wire on the right side when looking at it from the seat) as my remote. That way if five O is near me at the stoplight i just drop down the dimmer light on the radio and the system is off :na:. I bought an RCA conversion kit and tapped into my front right speakers by the kick panel on the passenger's side. The wire colors are light green (+) and dark green (-). I split the rca with a Y adapter and plugged into both ports. I adjusted my amp so that I don't have to use much bass on the HU its like two clicks below medium. Tell you the truth it sounds freakin awesome especially for what I paid.
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    remote wire

    be careful having the remote connected to the dimmer because I have had people come into my shop complaining that their dash lights went out and it was because something was being powered off the dimmer. i would suggest you go to the ignition harness to get the remote off a true acc.
  7. adamd913

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    I connected my remote wire to the very dark brown wire that is part of the ignition harness. There is a strip of vertical wire harnesses. The dark brown wire is in the top harness its sort of a teal color. I just hooked mine up and put a little paddle switch on my dash right beside the steering wheel column

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