2008 Yukon XL Front A/C blower working, but no air out of registers

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by dblalock, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. dblalock

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    Anyone had this problem? While driving at highway speeds, the air coming from the A/C vents faded away to nothing. It was set on AUTO, temp at 72, recirc not on, set to blow from dash registers. Monkeyed around with selector switch, got better only for a short time, then no air out registers. Turning fan on HIGH, you could hear lots of air under the dash, but nothing out registers. Turned truck off for an hour - restarted - it fixed itself, but only for a short while again. Traveled, then turned truck off for another couple of hours, got better again! Cold air was not an issue - just nothing coming from the vents. Rear air was fine. Never had this problem before. Any ideas?
  2. Pikey

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    Sounds like one of the actuator motors is going bad. You could always try to pull the fuse for the HVAC. Leave it out for a minute or so. Then put it back in, turn on your hvac controls. Then do not touch anything, let it sit for a minute with the key on. The actuators should recalibrate.
  3. dblalock

    dblalock New Member

    OK - I did what you said, Pikey, and it seemed to fix the problem temporarily, but it's still there. Rear air works fine. When the front works, it works pretty well. But when it goes 'bad' it sounds like the fan automatically goes on 'high' and all the air blows somewhere under the dash. Pretty much nothing coming out of the dash vents, the defrost, or the floor no matter what the selector is set on. I did ask the local dealer to check it when I took the vehicle in for service this summer (I had a coupon). Of course, when I had it in for service, the air was working just fine, so he couldn't duplicate the problem. He offered no solution , and didn't really seem familiar with any history of this issue. Frustrating.

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