2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 HID Problem

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by nickrolando, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. nickrolando

    nickrolando New Member

    I have a customer that I sold two HID kits to. One for the low beams and the other kit for the high beams. I installed them plug and play and the whole passenger side never would work (brights or low beams). Then I got him a relay and put it on the low beams and now the low beams have been working great. Then I got new bulbs because one of the bulbs blew from the malfunction so I put the new Hi-beam bulbs in and installed another relay for them. The customer then left my house with every bulb working great. He then called me an hour later when he went to show his friend that they were all working and the passenger side hi beam bulb doesn't work again.

    I realize that this truck has DRL's and I read on this forum on another post that it is as easy as pulling a fuse to disable them so I am going to disable this weekend but I didnt think that would be affecting the brights like that though.

    ANyone have any ideas?

    Thanks so much in advance.
  2. jdennis44

    jdennis44 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well i dont really any ideas of what else you can do but i do know that there is not really much point in having HID's in your high beams. those bulbs require a start up for them to warm up and it takes almost a good minute to warm all the way up to their brightness and when you are going from your low beams to high beams constantly with oncoming traffic that bulb is constantly going from a mid warm up to off them it may get all the way warmed up and then get cut off and then instantly cut back on. sorry i cant tell you why the one side just wont work at all but i do know it puts a lot of strain on those bulbs and ballast to be switched on and off like that.
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  3. nickrolando

    nickrolando New Member

    Thank you for your reply, I will tell the customer that. Any other ideas anyone?
  4. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the GM truck club Nick. Sorry I don't have anything to help, but I was wondering why your customer wanted them in high beams
  5. nickrolando

    nickrolando New Member

    How easy is it to disable drls?

    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    Pretty sure you just pull the fuse to disable them.
  7. nickrolando

    nickrolando New Member

    I am going to remove the HID Kit on the brights today because they just seem to keep causing issues. The customer will probably want the fogs instead. I have a relay harness on the low beam HID KIT now, do i need a relay for the fog lights or no?
  8. jdennis44

    jdennis44 Rockstar 100 Posts

    what brand HID kit do you have? the only reason i ask id because i put HID's in my low beams and fogs but i dont have any relay harnesses...it was all straight plug and play. So with that being said i may not be able to help you any further because it certainly sounds like we have two completely different systems.
  9. nickrolando

    nickrolando New Member

    Well, finally i got them all working, and after a month the customer just called me yesterday and said one of the bulbs in the low beams is faded and lost the blue tint to it. He said when he starts the car (b/c of auto lights?) the HID's flicker and then turn back on. I do know that this is horrible for HID's and will cause premature defective parts.

    I will disable the DRL's which seems to just be two fuses you pull out in the engine bay fuse box?

    How can i disable the auto lights on this vehicle? (I think the auto lights is causing the flicker when starting up the truck)
  10. bvogts25

    bvogts25 Rockstar 100 Posts

    im not sure how true this is, but i think turning them on and off a bunch of times is what kills them and causes them to fade. i have a hids in my low beams and both of them went out with in a day of each other after having them in for 10 months.

    i know what you are talking about the flicker on start up if its dark outside. to prevent this if you hold the light switch (to the left of the steering wheel) one position counter clock-wise (off position) while you start it they wont flicker on when you go to start it. when the truck is on let go and it should turn back by itself to the auto position, then turn it counter clockwise to the same position again and the light should come right on.

    pulling the DRL fuse(s) is a great idea and something id do to help prolong the life of them. and i know if its dark outside and you use the key fob to unlock the truck the headlights will come on. so if i dont have my hands full i will actually put the key in the door to keep them from coming on. because then when you go to start the truck, like you said, the lights go out them come back on.

    I too am interested in if you can disable the auto lights some how or just have the parking lights come on when you unlock it with the fob

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