2009 Silverado 2500HD Head Unit-Nav questions

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Padre, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Padre

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    Hi all, have been away a while because a ladder I was working on fell out from under me and I shattered both legs. It has been a long haul, but I'm finally back to about 75% and got the word from the Doc today that I can start walking! Yahoo.

    I am getting an '09 Silverado, 2500HD LT/LT1 package. It has the normal stereo/cd player in it, and I am interested in replacing it with a double din unit with navigation. I see some stock GM units advertised on Ebay, but I also like the new Pioneers/Premiums that have just come out.

    The new truck has: XM, Bluetooth, Non-Bose, Onstar. How difficult would it be to:

    1. Put in the factory unit?
    2. Install the Pioneer AVIC1100-BT, can be found here

    It feels good to be back!! And thanks GMTRUCKCLUB for the birthday wishes.:party:
  2. lancer

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    not real sure about the radio question but glad to hear about the healing and getting to walk :great::great:
  3. Padre

    Padre Rockstar

    Thanks Lancer, it's been a long haul.
  4. s5belford

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  5. ericrom

    ericrom New Member

    I have a 08 2500 hd and i had an Eclipse nav unit installed with blue tooth and the wirining harness so that the onstar works through the head unit. The nav system is connected to 2 headrest for the kids in the rear. It looks great and got a great deal from crutchfield.
  6. Padre

    Padre Rockstar

    Which one did you get? Any pics? :happy:
  7. ericrom

    ericrom New Member

  8. Padre

    Padre Rockstar

    Wow, nice setup!! How did you run all the wires to the head rests?
  9. ericrom

    ericrom New Member

    Those are aftermarket headrest and there is one cable the runs down one of the posts in the headrest and then the cable run down the inside of the seats to a connector to the headunit. Everything was installed at a local car audio shop.
  10. stefman722

    stefman722 New Member

    Awesome! which wiring harness did you go with to keep Onstar working? Metra or PAC

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