2009 Silverado 4WD lower ball joints - crimp

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    I searched, but didn't find a post that related to my specific question.

    I'm rebuilding the front end of my '09 Silverado. I've replaced the upper control arms, the CV shafts, and the hubs, and I have replacement ball joints for the lower control arms, which are off the vehicle. I, also, have new tie rod ends, which I'll install, soon.

    Right now, though, I need to get the lower ball joints out of the control arms. I can see the ring with four "crimps" on the top (upward facing side) of the ball joints, but I can't be sure if the crimp is intended to expand the ring inward, or outward. I've tried to peen the crimps back towards the middle, and then press the ball joint out, but I can't move it with the screw-type press. I'm trying to press it downward, when viewed from the position it would be as on the car. In other words, I'm pushing towards the stem, from the back of the ball joint. I just can't be sure I'm dealing with the crimp in the right way, since I can't see a line of separation on either side of the ring.

    I've still got some time, before I have to give up and take them to the machine shop, so I'd like to know I'm moving in the right direction, before I apply any more force! If the ring is part of the original ball joint, and won't be used with the new ball joints, which have clips, can I just grind the ring off, thus eliminating any concern over which way it wanted to expand?

    Anybody else have experience with these ball joints?

    - - - Updated - - -[​IMG]

    That's the ring I'm talking about. You can clearly see the "peening" in four places around the ring. I'm certain that this is what holds the ball joint in place, once it's pressed into the control arm, but I'm not confident that grinding it off is the right thing to do. Maybe I can just hammer it back towards the middle? The service manual I have just says to press it out, but the manual press I have isn't budging either of the ball joints.


    This is the stem side. Just in case there's something I'm missing?
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    What does the replacement joint look like? Does it give a clue to how it comes out?

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