2009 Silverado 5.3 AFM not installed

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by chemcounter, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. chemcounter

    chemcounter New Member

    My dad has a 2009 silverado with the 5.3l engine but no active fuel management. He purchased the truck new. The interesting part is the window sticker says it does have AFM. I checked the vin on the truck and the sticker and they match. Has anyone heard of this? He bought the truck with his brothers gm discount and the dealer obtained the truck from another dealer out of state. He was surprised it didn't have AFM when it arrived but did not question them about it thinking it was an oversight on his part when he told them what he wanted. He was told by the dealer that the window sticker was removed and lost by the original dealership but I found it folded up in the owners manual just recently.
  2. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Who determined that this has no AFM ?

    do a dealership vin # check to see if it has this .
  3. chemcounter

    chemcounter New Member

    According to the vin, it is an LY5 with a J in the 8th vin location.
  4. chemcounter

    chemcounter New Member

    I have attached pictures of the window sticker.

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  5. RayVoy

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    The LY5 engine is the "standard" 5.3 used in the 2 wheel drive GM trucks. However, the VIN code for this engine is a Y.

    The LC9 is the "standard" 4x4 engine in the GM trucks. The VIN code for this engine is a 3 (I think).

    Both of these engines should have AFM

    The "J" VIN Code, to the best of my knowledge, is a diesel engine.

    What makes you think you do not have AFM?
  6. the phantom

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    Yeah I guess my question would be the same as [MENTION=54249]RayVoy[/MENTION] what indicates that it doesn't have it? The only way I guess you can tell is in the DIC where it gives you the MPG your getting and it says V8 it would switch to V4. Other than that Im not sure how anyone would be able to tell if it has it or not. Well besides maybe being able to "feel" it or "hear it". Does anyone know of any outside of the engine components that indicate or make AFM work?
  7. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    The only way I can tell if mine is switching to to look at the DIC, the screen that [MENTION=54154]the phantom[/MENTION] suggests.
  8. chemcounter

    chemcounter New Member

    The vin is:

    I understand the 8th digit is the engine which is J. When I cycle through the control center, there is nothing to indicate whether it is in v8 or v4. I also thought there is something under the hood indicating AFM is installed (badge of honor or something). The truck rarely gets better than 16 mpg even with the 70 year old man driving to and from the lake. His previous truck did have AFM and it would routinely get 20. It would be great to find out that it really does have the feature but has been shut off or not working. I am also concerned that it doesn't have it and perhaps some of the other listed options (locking diff, etc).

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    I was using the link below as the basis for the engine code designation.
    http://service.gm.com/dealerworld/vincards/pdf/vincard09 03-07-12 R1.6.pdf
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  9. Pikey

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    look at the rpo codes in the glove box. I think that for 2009 with a J 8th digit it was LY5, that indicates an iron block, no flex fuel, and AFM. you can also look for the G80 locker code. Does the truck have the buttons on the left side of the dash to cycle thru the option on the DIC. If not you may not be able to access that option. You can add those buttons for about $100, this will "unlock" all the DIC options.
  10. chemcounter

    chemcounter New Member

    scrolling through the different options I don't find anything to indicate the switching between 4 and 8. is there anything under the hood that indicates it is installed? My father's previous truck had AFM and I recall the message stating the mode. could it have been disabled at some point?

    he had an issue early on where the speedometer would quit working. The dealer replaced quite a few different things before they fixed the issue with a new circuit board of some sort. could it have been disabled at that time?

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