2009 Silverado, adding power door locks and maybe windows?

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    So last year when I picked up my truck I wanted to pay cash and not finance anything. The only way I could do that and have 4x4 was to go very basic with a "fleet" truck.

    I could trade in, with discounts and whatnot I'd still have to pay up about $5K which I just don't want to do. However the thought of having a bigger engine with fuel management is nice and the interiors are better too but all I really want is power door locks and if possible the front windows. No real need for the windows though.

    It occurred to me I could maybe find a couple of doors to cannibalize for the door locks but what about the actual install. I do intend on having a decent alarm installed as well but my concerns are getting the mechanics and electrical in place for the door locks.

    So, what am I looking at here? Is it even feasible?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Power Door Locks are easy. I added them to my 2004 Silverado WT and it took about 2 hours. You can get kits from e-bay for under $100 and they come with remotes and everything you need. The actuators come with the kits, and once you figure out a good place to mount them, it's very straightforward. If you can install a stereo, you can add power locks to your truck.

    Never tackled the power window, or door swap. Good luck with that, and keep us posted.
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    Its possible to do .... I upgraded my truck 2009 GMC RCSB which has the true truck dash and power windows, heated mirrors to the power fold DL3 with turn signal & heated mirrors with a wiring change & programming. The harness just plugs in at the end of the dash and in the lower kick panels . I have the old door harness and window switches from my truck if you are interested in them . They should match your door panels and be the correct ones...
    The only other thing you will need is the door catch that has the power lock on it for the power locks to function ,

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