2009 Suburban door panel removal

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  1. Moley

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    I am looking for some information on removing the door panels on a 2009 Suburban. I am wanting to replace the speakers. I found one bolt behind the door handle and two bolts behind the door pull. I took off the window controls and didn't see any thing under there. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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    i'm guessing you already fixed your speakers but i was having the same problem getting the panel off and i figured it out so i figured i'd post here in case anyone else does a search for door panel removal problems with related vehicle. mine was an 07 suburban, but i'm guessing the procedure would be the same. the 3 bolts you found were the only bolts to take out,(for benefit of others, there is a cover behind the handle that pops off to uncover the single bolt and a small cover behind door pull that pops off to uncover the double set of bolts. to access them you pry from the top side in the little crack separating the cover and the upper piece of the panel) but you also have to pop out the little piece in the middle of the door lock and the lock cap slides off. also have to pop the window control up from the back side and unplug it. then work around the 2 sides and the bottom popping the snaps to separate the panel from the door then slide it up.
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