2009 Summit Racing - All Gm Show Pictures

Discussion in 'OH - Ohio Chevy Truck Fans' started by RockHead, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. RockHead

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    I went to the all Chevy Show at Summit Racing. I also met up with Amy (TRPLXL2) veery nice person and happy to meet her . Here some pics of the show :
    I also visted friends that live western Pa. I have some picture from Pitt .Pa.
  2. RockHead

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  3. RockHead

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    There some things that went wrong on the trip :grrrrrr::grrrrrr: Some a-hole hit my truck and ran .

    Some of my Friends had to go home before the show was ended. And of them broke down on i-76 :grrrrrr:
    Myself and a friend stayed back at the show and Happy that we did . we had to get parts from Summit in the store . My friend went and got the parts and drove them down to my friend that was broke down . I stated back at summit if we needed more things . What a weekend ,I had agreat time BUT it got long Fast .
    they find lower radiator hose had fallen off because the clamp was not on all the way.

  4. TRPLXL2

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    Yeah It was definately a good time, but my dad even said that the show was smaller than usual this year. Normally they are wrapped clear around the building, but I think the economy had a lot to deal with it. I could not believe that Corvette won best of show, there was some really hot cars there and for them to pick that one I think was biased.
    I wondered why your buddies left early, that sucks that he broke down on 76. How far was he from Summit Racing when he broke down, because I know Kent state university is the next exit going east and that's a real bad neighborhood over that way. It was nice to actually meet someone off of this club in person, so maybe you'll make a trip out for Truck fest if they have it this year. That is mostly lifted trucks and Jeeps, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few SS trucks in the mix.
    BTW nice pictures of Pittsburgh, I know how much you love those tunnels and bridges :lol: Oh yeah I almost forgot I took a video of Mark tearing out of the show, and I just have to post it from a bystanders point of view. My camera has a crappy speaker, but I have gotta say that your truck made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up! Great looking truck, and definately a performer. That's me at the end of the video like a dumb ass, not laughing at the truck but I get that way when I get excited!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07k7qe-dF1k"]YouTube - 2009 all chevy show[/ame]
  5. plowin4u

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    Awesome pics! glad you had a great time, too bad for your buddy that broke down, good thing you were able to help.
  6. plowin4u

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    P.S. luv the video!
  7. retired2001

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    Got a love an all Chevy Show! Thanks for sharing the pic's!

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