2010 - 285/65/18 on stock rims

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by undertheradar, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. undertheradar

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    Just to add to the plethora of info I searched for weeks when I was looking into leveling kits and tires. This truck has a rough country (RC) 2" leveling kit and a RC 2" block in the rear which provided 3/4" lift (the stock block was 1 1/4" ). The leveling kit made the the truck exactly level with nothing in the bed, but as soon as I put in my dogbox in the bed (100 lbs) it sagged 1/2" giving it the cali look. The lift (s) stiffened the ride up just a little. It no longer "rides like a cadillac" but it DOESNT ride like a log truck either.

    I searched alot of sites wondering what size tires would be the best fit. I narrowed it down to 275/70/18 (33x 11) or the 285/65/18 (32x 11.5) for stock rims. I opted for the 285's as I wanted the wider look because I have after market mud flaps and I wanted them as UN noticeable as possible. Chevy I think dropped the ball with the design of the new trucks. I live on a rock road and the stock tires threw rocks terrible, nicking the paint in 100's of places. Hence the mud flaps and the new Nittos. They dont throw rocks bad at all. Also, I dont *think* the 275/70's would have fit without trimming some plastic, with the 285's there very little clearance.

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  2. Bigbomber

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    New rubber looks good!
  3. freddy08

    freddy08 New Member

    truck looks good plan on making mine sit like that soon

    still trying to decide on a couple things
  4. grandslam

    grandslam New Member

    Looks good, I was wondering myself if the 285s would work very well with the stock z71 rims. When you say a little clearance, how little do you mean?
  5. Sierraowner5.3

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    guy i used to work with made his own mudflaps outa some heavy rubber we had at work. looked kinda odd since they stuck out from the side of truck a good 3', but he didnt have much dirt on the sides from driving thru mud and what not, really helped keep his truck clean.

  6. BrownPats420

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    looks great man!
  7. marko54

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    I agree with all, looks great. I'm biased because i like OEM wheels.
  8. larryleeUSN

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    so you had minimal clearance with the 285's? i planned on getting 285/75-17 which is a 33.86 by 11.5
  9. 2k8z71

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    This is how much clearance I had with my 285/65's but they are not mounted on factory 18's. I am running +18 offset on 18x9 rims. I just had to remove my mudflaps in the front and I was good to go. The tires are Falken Wildpeak ATs, so Trail Grapplers probably have more to them since they are a more aggressive tire
  10. undertheradar

    undertheradar Rockstar

    click here http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/sh...0-285-65-18-on-stock-rims?p=400730#post400730

    I now have 30,000 miles on the Nittos. I have also taken off the rough country lift and put a 5/8" block up front. Giving me a little over an inch of lift. I still have a half inch of clearance. My first assessment when I put the RC 2" LKit was 33's wouldnt work. But I believe they will. So, 285's will fit VERY EASILY with a 2" level kit, EASYILY with an inch and a quarter level kit on stock rims.

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