2010 Chevrolet Silverado - Diablo Predator

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by IronBear, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. IronBear

    IronBear New Member


    I just received my Diablo Sport Predator module in the mail yesterday but have yet to hook it up.

    Just curious what my expectations are as far as overall power/torque, fuel economy and making it run smoother, i.e. removing the slight hesitation when taking off from a stop light when warm.

    Any input would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. stchman

    stchman Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    Most of the handheld tuners out there publish "up to" so many HP and torque gains. The truth is you might fee a slight difference, but that's it.
  3. Drake_korthos

    Drake_korthos Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    First off, I opted for the Trinity tuner with custom tune. With that in mind, I went with firmer transmission shift points (very noticeable!), and I did notice better acceleration in the mid RPM range (when accelerating at WOT). So far as MPG IF, and I do mean IF, I can keep my foot off the gas, my average is around 16 mpg. May not seem like much, but you have to understand my daily commute has me take a hill that that gains me about 1000' daily. So overall, not bad with a custom tune (which I recommend if you can afford it!). Hope that helps, and if ya have any other questions, feel free to ask! I know there's a couple other tuning folks in the site somewheres hiding out!
  4. stchman

    stchman Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    While I do believe that custom or canned tunes can result in better HP and torque numbers, I don't believe that they result in better MPGs. Since truck makers are so MPG-centric, they are doing everything they can to squeeze every MPG they can out of every drop of gasoline.
  5. IronBear

    IronBear New Member

    So in my opinion, the Diablo Sport Predator tuner didn't work as I expected it to. So with that being said, I returned it. My hesitation is still there, and I didn't feel any power difference with it.

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