2010 chevy 2500 HD- 33in tires on 20's.....how in the hell can I make em fit????

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by ptrpipr, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Dilema......had brand new 33x12.50x20in Toyo M/T's from a previous truck...had to buy new 8 lug wheels since I upgraded to a 3/4ton.....mounted and installed they rub bad in front fender wells....so I cranked up the torsion bars 3 and a half from stock which gave me 1 1/4 inches.....still rubbed....so the question is now to buy a leveling kit or a lift...am I going to have to trim fender wells anyhow?...dont really like the whole lift idea and would rather go with a leveling kit IF it will give me enough clearance.....also a couple hundred vs a couple thousand is much more do-able.......any advice or input would be appreciated
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    Welcome to the club. Every truck is differant. Some will clear with just the level kit, others won't. I know thats not the answer you want to hear but thats how it is. GM has about 8 differant torson bars that are used along with differant torson bar keys so thats way some trucks seem taller than others. I like Off-RoadUnlimiteds leveling kits because you can get optional longer Bilstein shocks with it.
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    You would need about 2 1/2 inches of lift which you can get from a leveling kit to clear the 33's. Shouldn't have to trim but if you do it surely wouldn't be much.
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