2010 Equinox / Terrain real-world gas mileage?

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  1. mkaresh

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    I conduct reliability and gas mileage surveys. Today one of TrueDelta.com's members wrote me to say:

    "Recently bought a 2010 Equinox with the 4 cylinder automatic setup, the window sticker said 32 mpg highway. On a recent trip I only got 24, around town it is around 19. I bought the car for economy, I sure didn't get it!!! Anyone else having the same problem?"

    Unfortunately, I don't yet have any gas mileage submissions for the Equinox, so I cannot answer their question. Hopefully some other 2010 owners here can mention whether or not they're faring better.
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Come on guys, let's help Michael out here and consider giving some real-world data for this site.
  3. NJNox

    NJNox New Member

    2010 Equinox gas mileage

    I've got a 2010 Equinox 4 cyl, AWD w/ 4.5K miles. My gas mileage averages 23-24 mpg (50% around town/50% highway) w/ ECO on and conservative driving habits. On not too hilly highways I can easily get 29-30 mpg w/ conservative driving. Hilly highways generates 26-27 mpg.
  4. yotchie

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    i thought the one that was supposed to get the super economy was a hybrid
  5. mkaresh

    mkaresh Rockstar 100 Posts

    There is no Equinox hybrid, at least not yet.

    The 32 HWY figure that people don't seem able to achieve in the real world is for a non-hybrid.
  6. cspackler

    cspackler New Member

    combined avg 27.2

    Just wanted to give my input. I purchased a new 2010 Equinox on Sept 18. 1LT, 4 cyl, FWD. Currently have 3489 miles. drving is approximatly 70% hwy. Vehicle currently shows that it gets 27.2 mpg overall. I have not reset the mpg calculator.
    I did notice that during the first couple of tanks of fuel the mpg, but it took a big jump up after a break in period. now has slowed its rise but is still creeping up by .1 every 10-14 days, so it should be levelling off soon.
    I am pleased with the mpg.
  7. jay2dc

    jay2dc New Member

    I have the early 2005 'Nox, the window stickers state 19mpg city 25 mpg highway.

    I have never gotten 25 mpg on the highway. the most ive gotten is 22-23. i currently average 19 on the highway and 17-18 in a combo of highway and street driving. (i calculate by always fully filling my tank, taking the amount needed to fill, and divide the amount of miles ive driven since last fill. pretty easy way to calculate your mpg without gages/cpus)

    Im not sure i wanna know what my mileage would be just city.

    Usually they mpg stated on the sticker and on tv aren't completely right for real world. little do most people know but when the vehicles are tested they are usually tested with higher quality fuels than people actually use, and those tests are done in ideal conditions.

    I wouldnt mind moving up to the new equinox for the mileage your getting.
  8. jay2dc

    jay2dc New Member

    You might want to reset your mpg calculator. your calculating your total mpg since you got the car which means as time passes it will be harder to notice changes in your mpg. Your mpg will change from tank of gas to tank of gas due to conditions.

    just a thought though, driver preference. i have the older nox so i cant see the mpg via the car itself.
  9. parky129

    parky129 New Member

    I alsohave a 2010 Equinox 4 cyl LT1 with around 700 miles on speedo, am getting 30.2 mpg with actual gas consumption calculation
    . DIC SHOWS A LITLE HIGHER THAN ACTUAL so I rely on math (gas in divided by mileage since last filup) = mpg
  10. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Hey, thanks for doing this. How's it been going on your site with the information coming in?

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