2010 GM Powertrain Show & Shine

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    Good Day Everybody!

    The date for the GM Powertrain St. Catharines Show & Shine Event is Friday August 6. 2010. Last year we had 511 vehicles registered. The S & S is open to all GM powered vehicles and those registering a vehicle are given two tickets for a Plant Tour. There is also a special limited tour of the Dyno Lab. There will be vendors, a portable dyno and a BBQ available with proceeds from the BBQ given to charity. There is no charge for registration and it is a one day event, rain or shine. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at dlangbroek@gmpowertrain.ca. Please mark this date on your calendar and hopefully your club will be able to attend! Registration can be done electronically from our site (http://www.gmpowertrain.ca/). We need name, address, phone and postal code as well as year make and model of vehicle that is being registered! There will be a club participation award so tell me what Club you belong to. We build Corvette, Camaro, many of the Engines that are in your trucks as well as many other great engines!

    Visit the GM Powertrain St. Catharines Web Site at http://www.gmpowertrain.ca. to see what we are all about! Spend the weekend here in the Niagara Peninsula and get a taste of wine country and if you wish, a little bit of the Casino Niagara.

    Pre-registration Preferred

    Note: For the Plant Tour, adequate footwear must be worn – Full leather shoes with a heel no higher than 1” and NO open toes or heels. (No running shoes or sandals will be allowed in the Plant) Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection will be provided.

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    :happy: sounds like it will be a fun time !!
    - what, no maple syrup?? :rofl:
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    I can give you direction to where you can find that. :cool:

    And yes it's always a really fun time and it keeps getting bigger every year!

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