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    Pics of my 2010 GMC SAVANA AWD

    Here's my 2010 GMC SAVANA AWD

    What do you think? I did the interior all myself, I insulated with reflectix and pink stuff. Sportsmobile put in the windows. I flyfish and camp out of it. I haul my kayak with it and I built a nice wood platform bed and got a twin size 6" thick memory foam mattress. I ordered and had made a custom futon cover for the mattress. I had to cut the mattress down to 68" or so to fit in width wise. If any one wants pics of the interior i will try and post. I camp constantly out of this new rig in the ca sierra;s at lakes I flyfish for rainbows and browns. I'll be sleeping in it lake side next week for 5 days. I LOVE this new rig although I had problems with the dealership. I ordered it, but It came with some door dings I (dealership) had to have fixed which turned into a real headache. SO far no mechanical problems. About 6000 miles on it so far.

    Metallic Silver, 5.3L, G80 Heavy Duty Locking Differential, Tow package, Power windows, Rear window defrost, cargo door with windows, Deep Tinted glass, Flip out windows on the reaqr cargo doors and side cargo doors, chrome bumpers.

    I have added American Racing ATX Offroad series ASSAULTS 17X8 with BFG 245/70/17 (stock size).
    42" Slider windows
    Alpine ida-x303 head unit & 600SPS speakers
    Viper 350HV car alarm
    Coverking neoprene seat cover gray/\white
    Bedrug floor covering
    Insulated and paneled with a paneling kit with gray/silver carpet walls
    Custom Bed with memory foam mattress and custom Futon cover




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    Here is some interior shots.
    I just throw a flannel sheet over the bed to protect the mattress from dirt. I slide my kayak in on top of the bed so I try and keep it clean with the sheet. I have storage for fly tubes underneath, a stove and a plastic storage box with tow strap and a D-ring and other stuff in it. I have a plastic storage box on the rear left with plates, forks, knives paper towels and cooking stuff. In the back I have room for a Porta-potti, and two coolers fit in side by side with a Weber charcoal BBQ (small square one), brown paper garbage bag, and miscellaneous paper bags with food like bread and chips, water jug. It all fits in quite nicely. And I slide in an 11 foot kayak.


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    That's a pretty sweet rig, flyfisher. I've thought about a similar vehicle, for similar purposes. Maybe after I wear my truck out (hopefully not anytime soon!). Did the dealer add those rear slider windows in, or did you put those in yourself? Also, are you opposed to a roof rack for your kayak, or is it just easier for you to load in the back? Either way, it looks good.:sign0173:
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    I use a wheelchair so a roof rack won't work for me. The last van i had was a 1979 3/4 regular size full size van and I was able to slide my kayak in through the side cargo door. On this van it is a tiny bit tighter and I have to slide in from the back. BUT it is just as easy to slide in from the back and maybe a little easier once i got used to it. I tilt the kayak on the side against the rear bumper and brush off the bottom of dirt with a towel and a brisk stiff brush. I clean it off this way before sliding it in. I could also rinse with some water but the towel and brush gets it very clean. Dirt is going to get in anyway no matter what and how I do it just from the areas I camp. Lots of dust and dirt. And sand at some lakesides.

    Vans are nice. There is nice room. But if I didn't use a wheelchair I would have a pickup like yours. Vans are expensive. Pickups are cheaper. It is easy to put a platform bed in a pickup like yours. My buddy has a nice pickup and he has a top on it and platform bed and sleeps in it. Most folks go that route. You can even just throw in a thermarest or small mattress. Walmart has all sizes and thincknesses of mattresses and memory foam you can cut easily to any size you want. 4WD pickups are nice too. BUT I dig my van. Nice and roomy and when camping and fishing with my buddies we can get in it and we can booze and play cards at night when it is 0 degrees outside.
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    Yeah, I was just curious. Roofracks can be a pain, especially when you're by yourself. I never had much of a problem with my kayak (sold, BTW), but the canoe can be a balancing act. I do my best to keep it from tearing up the top of the truck, but I'm sure one day it's bound to happen. Do you still have room to sleep in there with the boat, or do you pull it out at night?
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    I have to pull the boat out. There is no room to sleep with it in there. I know this guy from the lake that has a big pickup with a huge cab over and he has a canoe and climbs up the ladder on to the roof and gets a canoe up there with a winch. He has a real light canoe but still. That is crazy, it only takes one slip. I told him to get a small trailer like my buddies but he said he doesn't like towing a trailer.
    Lots of people have prams that they put on their roofs.
    This works very well for me. My kayak is kind of long @ 11 feet. It fits between the two front seats a bit but it is not in the way much.
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    Here's another pic

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    One of my Home Care customers is in the same situation as yourself, he uses a wheelchair and his left arm doesnt have 100% function, about 6 months ago he bought a Savana Conversion with the bed in the back already.
    We welded in a winch and support brackets on the right side at the back door and another support bracket upfront behind the drivers seat to hold his kayak while its in the van, this way he can leave it in at night because it's suspended up off the bed and out of the way (I think he uses a 9' kayak).
    We also mounted a small marine sink on top of an 8gl water tank behind the drivers seat with a 12' hose and flip spigot on the end, the hose reaches outside the van so he can wash things off at the back door or take a bath back there. The water tank is pressurized by a Via Air compressor that can also be used for tire inflation or to run a phuematic air gun (or any other pnuematic tools). The black water line for the sink at this time just drains out below the van, I doubt he'll hook it to a tank as all he does is wash dish's in the sink.
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    1flyfisher----great pics---looks nice and stright and level-----interior looks like it serves your purpose well----I was wondering what brand of tires you have----looks like the kind of treads I usually like when I upgrade from stock----do they ride ok on the HGWY ??
    thanks----from Canada
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    Yeah I would like to at some point screw some hooks into the ceiling so I can hang my yak from the ceiling. Right now it is laying on my memory foam mattress and compressing it.

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    The vehicle came with those crappy ugly looking painted gray GM wheels 17X7 with the round holes (ugliest wheel ever made) So I found these American Racing wheels and got a sweet deal on them, $ 118 each as they were discontinued at one point. I think they started making them again though and they are back up to around $200. The new wheels are 17X8 and I kept the stock tire size as I do not want to increase the ride height as I have to transfer from my wheelchair through the side cargo door and then pull my wheelchair in. So lower is better for me. The way it is I have had no issues with making the transfer. The tires are stock size 245/70/17's BFG T/A KO's and they ride so damn smooth and straight and quiet it is ridiculous.
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    I missed this first time around, I'm glad it got moved back up. Wow, you really have a lot of room, hard to believe you get an 11ft kayak in there with room to spare. Also, great pics..I really like the last one with your ride and the background. It shows your van great.

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