2010 GMC Sierra Radio Swap help

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Signaturesv, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Hey guys, i just took delivery of my 2010 gmc sierra work truck. I cant stand the am/fm radio and i would like to find a stock radio with xm/cd player.

    I have found a website that sells OEM delco radios for 400 bucks. But i know the thing is theft locked and has to be programmed by the dealer. Does anyone know exactly howmuch this cost and does anyone have a stock radio sitting around they would be willing to sell?

    I dont have onstar and i really dont care for aftermarket radios.

    also does anyone know if my truck is prewired for xm? i found replacement fish tail antennas.

    Thanks Guys!
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    Aftermarket is not all bad. Cruthfield.com has a huge selection at decent prices.

    Best part is they send you all of the harnesses at no extra charge! They even send you pictures with step by step instructions on opening up the dash.

    If you buy speakers from them they also include harnesses and any needed brackets at no extra charge.

    I got my aftermarket XM tuner and head unit from them a few years ago for my '06 WT and it went in no problem. I didn't have to snip a single wire so I can put the factory radio back in... where is that thing anyway...
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    I went with aftermarket. Much cheaper and many more features. Cost me about 300 bucks for the deck, dash kit and and scorche interface module.

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    I looked into the stock xm/onstar install into my truck when I got. Its not a simple swap. Your looking at pulling the headliner to run the harness and drilling a hole in your roof to add the shark fin antenna just to get started. I wanted the o.e. 6 disc changer when I got my truck, but gave in to aftermarket wjen I realized how much the swap would cost and the difficulty in adding the features I wanted. If you want the onstar mirror best buy can install one for you for around 100 bucks if you catch them on sale.

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