2010 GMC Terrain Review - GOT EGGED THIS MORNING

Discussion in 'Chevy Equinox Forum (GMC Terrain)' started by ChevyFan, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I remember being a kid, and maybe I did this once so what goes around comes around, but come on, a brand new GMC Terrain?

    Anyhow, I came out this morning to head into the office and drive the Terrain. I noticed that it was a little hard to see out of the rear window. I started her up, went into drive and then pulled over a block away.

    When I got out, yup there was EGG all over the rear window, the back of the Terrain and it was dried by then so it must have been late at night.

    KIDS! What are you going to do during summer huh? I guess park in the garage?



  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 4 Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Are they Done yet??? J/k.... Sorry to hear this.. Wash as soon as you can thats all I can say..
  3. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Photos are in the gallery. Got it washed at the local car wash.
  4. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Is that a Egg MacTerrian? Sorry Steve just had to say it.

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