2010 Lima Jamboree

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by RedneckGirl, May 13, 2010.

  1. RedneckGirl

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    So this is going to be my first year going to Lima, Oh jamboree. I have been going to the Indy one for the past few years and always have a blast. Well on Truckshownation.com they were discussing the security there last year, apparently it sucked and people were jackasses. Has anyone been to the Jamboree in Lima? I just don't know what to expect. My mom and I are going if anyone here is going let me know and maybe I can find ya and have someone to hang out with while Im there since I'm not from there I will know noone. But can anyone give me some insite on the Lima Jamboree?
  2. XS ive

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    Have been to the one in Bloomsburg Pa. twice. Was many....many years ago. Got awakened by a farmer at 05frikkin early to let us know our c amp site was on his property. Nice guy... after he put the shot gun away. :gasp:
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    How did it go this year?

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