2010 Silverado 1500 dash crack.

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    I've got a Silverado with the notorious dash crack near the airbag I've been reading about. Mine popped about 2 weeks ago and I decided to wait until my oil change to get it fixed. My truck has 40,000 miles on it but I bought the 100k road to roof top warranty Chevy offers...

    Fast forward to this morning when I take it in for it's oil change... I tell the service man about the crack and show it to him. His reply is, " Well, you do realize that your'e out of warranty right? " My response is, " Yes, however I have the 100k road to roof top warranty. " To which he replies, " They're not going to cover that, but I will call and ask anyways. "

    My question is, why would they be able to call it a road to roof top warranty if it doesn't cover the dash? Last I checked the dash wasn't considered consumable like tires, brakes, and air filters. How do I contact the company that handles the extended warranties and ask them what it is they cover? All I want is the dash fixed because I feel like that is something out of my control, and situations like this are the reason people purchase warranties.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Scratch that. Service tech just called and said they have clearance to fix it under warranty...
  2. Red Z71 Max

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    My guess is you are not going to get anything out of them. They will give you some song and dance about normal wear and tear from sun or possibly chemicals you used on the dash. Good luck and i hope they fix it for you like they are supposed to!!!!
  3. billnorman

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    I am not familiar with the "notorious" crack. What color is your truck? Do you think Texas sun and heat caused it?
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Have heard about this a few times with the newer GM truck. Even without the 100K warr if you go to the top (number in back of your owners book) They will cover it. GM can't afford to lose customers for something so small
  5. grape2

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    17 years as a service manager and have never had a service contract cover interior parts. But most dealers with a good service department standing can make a decision to replace under warranty until 48m/48000 miles. The catch here is, purchased from the dealer fixing, having service done on a regular basis at the dealer, and the condition the vehicle is kept in. My district manager would some times ask for a picture of the vehicle. Red Z71 Max is correct as the service manager I replaced would give any kind of excuse to keep from fixing. GM, FORD, or any of them, their concern is cost per vehicle serviced. If you go high you lose a lot of abillity to help customers.
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    What is really sad about warranties, is that they aren't usually worth the paper they are written on.
    Chevy is still dodging cab air leakage and tranny issues.
    Too keep customers happy a company needs to follow the intent of the warranty. Word of mouth advertising cane either benefit a company or damage them.
    Gm's latest run arounds are hurting their sales and especially repeat sales. I know an individual responsible for a fleet that has shed away from Gm due to customer dissatisfaction in getting warranty work approved. They just bought 38 dodge trucks.

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