2010 Silverado Chrome Bumpers

Discussion in 'Ask GM Customer Service' started by lquattro04, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I bought a brand new 2010 Silverado Crew Cab LT in July of 2010. Within 3 months of owning it i noticed rust spotting on the chrome of the rear bumper. Within 4 months there was rust on the front and progressively worse on the rear. My dad bought the same exact truck a month after me and rust began to show up on his bumpers as well. I called my local dealership (which isnt the one that i bought it off of but i dont think that matters) and asked if they would either replace the chrome endcaps or possibly install the fiberglass endcaps so that it couldn't happen again. They rudely told me that its not covered under the warranty and to go "buff it out" unless i wanted to pay for new bumpers. I called them around November of last year and since then have not brought it to their attention because ive been too busy and assumed that their response would be the same as before. I know other people on here are having more severe problems than just a little rust, but who in their right mind wants to drive around a brand new vehicle and have it look like sh*t because of faulty factory parts.
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    I would like to look into this for you. In order to do more research, I will need some more specific information from you such as your name, address, phone number, the VIN for the vehicle, current mileage, and dealer name. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me either on the thread or via private message. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
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    Anytime you need something replaced under warranty(and this should be) never call them....GO to the dealership and show them the problem. If they told you to buff it out thst person is an idiot and should be fired on the spot because they dont know jack about vehicles and should be cleaning the dealership restrooms and not answering the phone.

    Take it to the service bay and go from there..if the service person doesnt want to do anything as for the service manager and escalate from there if needed.

    Chances are you will find they will take care of it.

    I see in your sig you want to get rid of the chrome anyway.....heres your chance!

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