2010 silverado, Max Towing Pkg, 6.2 (K&N Cold Air Intake Installation)

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    I kinda told yall that I would keep you abreast of improvemnt. Well like many I researched and read about the pros and cons of using a COI.
    First I tried one by a company called XYZ Tuneing. I promptly sent it back. Needless to say the old addage of "you get what you pay for" is true. Having said and done that, I ordered a K&N 77 series. Installation was a snap, everything fit as it was supposed to, other than the fact that they forgot to send one important screw. Thank you Lowes Hardware! To the important stuff.

    I'm somewhat older than most in here so I have a habit of driving slower than I used to in my younger days. Although it kinda pissed me off when they governed my truck at 95MPH. I found that if i drive easy, starting slow but sure and maintaining a steady speed(Under 65) I expierenced better mileage by about 2MPG bringing me up to 18.7 MPG. The truck prior to installation, felt like it was starving on accelleration. Not the case anymore, starts are smooth and powerful if you need it. Suffice it to say you can burn the tires off and get thrown or pushed back into the seat. Alright, ! I couldn"t resist it either, on a empty secton of a divided highway I dumped it to the floor. Katie Bar the Doors! This watered down virgin of a LS3 wanted to **** and get! An man?, It sounded impressive. When you pass some schmuck thats just dawdeling, you have his attemtion.

    Conclusion: As I said, it all depends how you drive. What did my mileage drop to when I dumped it? 13MPG. I swear I heard a kid in the soda shop sucking on an empty coke glass with a straw. Am I happy with it, you betcha. One tip. well two. Take a photo of the info sticker on your old intake and tape it to the new one or somewhere nearby for inspection purposed(NC) and Keep the old intake in case you shold need it again, at least till you get rid of the unit.

    Now I need to do research on a less restrictive muffler. Well thats the skinny.
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    Check out Banks exhaust. Very nice, I like it better than my Magnaflows.

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